An Incredible UE4 Demo Created by Yager Artists
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Busan KR   15, Nov — 19, Nov
Minsk BY   16, Nov — 19, Nov
Utrecht NL   24, Nov — 26, Nov
Philadelphia US   30, Nov — 3, Dec
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Please make the second floor..!! and if you've done it please tell me where can I find it...??!

Thanks, Allar! Good luck with your new project!

Who just carries around $250.000 worth of files on a portable hardrive without any backups.. The bug is stupid, but this guy is a moron.

An Incredible UE4 Demo Created by Yager Artists
16 October, 2015

A group of young and incredibly talented game artists are currently working on an internal benchmark project. It’s not a game, it’s not a a cinematic trailer. It’s just a nice piece of 3d visual art, that can show what a couple of young individuals can create with some time and amazing technologies on their hands.

This project has been announced over a year ago in September 2014 and most of us haven’t heard anything about it ever since. Only recently one of the developers – Bao Ngoc Vu – has published a very interesting video of the scene. It’s still a work in progress but it can boast some amazing visuals.




The scene is a little empty right now. But there will be an additional character, which is still under construction. There’s a little sketch that depicts this warrior standing in a crazy medieval fantasy setting.




The guys who are building this thing have some connection to Yager – a studio, which is currently working on an awesome new F2P-game called Dreadnaught. It’s an Unreal Engine 4 game, so no wonder the developers are using this engine to produce the scene. Apart from that they also used Maya fluids (for flipbooks), Adobe After Effects (to make flipbooks loopable), Photoshop and Apex (cloth).

There are 3 people working on this project. There’s Sarah Mai, who’s doing the VFX (which look stunning btw).  There’s Lenz Monath, who is doing the environment art, Bao Ngoc Vu – the character artist and Yuriy Mazurkin – the concept artist, and Tilmann Milde (technical lighting and shader artist). These guys are incredibly talented, so we encourage you to check out their portfolios. These are amazing.

We can’t wait to see the fully finished product! It’s just one level, so hopefully, we’ll see more of this in the future. Amazing stuff.



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