Blender Reveals New 2D Animation Tools
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It's not shown in the video, but there is an option in the Poly Reduce node to keep Quads and it does a marvelous job keeping intact the original shape decreasing geometry in the areas whereis not needed. Unfortunately the Poly Reduce node only keeps quads if the input mesh is already quad based. In order to get quads from non quad geometries you need to try the Voxel node.

can stop posting this kind of low-quality 'showcase' articles? If I wanna find showcase/reel, I can find them easily on Viemo, cgsociety. Everyone know houdini can be used to do destruction, simulation, etc. there is no need to show another destruction unless posting a helpful 'tutorial'. However, this is not.

Can it produce quads, too?

Blender Reveals New 2D Animation Tools
18 April, 2018

The Blender team has presented an upcoming Grease Pencil 2.0 tool with a new demo called Hero. The thing is that the update will bring more possibilities for 2D animation artists. 

The Grease Pencil will provide 2d animation tools in Blender’s free full-3d pipeline. Want to get a clearer idea? Check out the end credits of Hero for in-production scenes from the demo.

The Grease Pencil technology has been there for a number of years, but the upcoming update is said to allow for “feature quality animation production” in Blender 2.8 Please note that the first beta of Blender 2.8 will be available in the second half of 2018.

The Hero project was created in Barcelona, Spain, by Daniel Martinez Lara and his team. It is also worth noting that the project was funded through Blender’s subscription-service Blender Cloud.

Source: YouTube

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Blender 2.8 should focus more on 3D creation including material painter similar to Substance Painter. We have Opentoonz already.