Brushify – Shaders Pack Updated

Brushify – Shaders Pack Updated

Joe Garth revealed a new update for his Brushify – Shaders Pack.

Joe Garth revealed a new update for his Brushify – Shaders Pack. The pack can serve as a basis for an open-world landscape material in UE4. It allows to paint down multiple auto material biomes to create massive maps in real-time.

“I wanted to provide a more fleshed out example level to showcase the Brushify multi-biome landscape auto material and the other shaders,” states the artist. “A proper skydome and HDRI lighting setup help to newcomers to Unreal in the right direction and show how a few simple settings can give nice results. I also managed to fix a few niggling issues here and there and work in a lot of small visual improvements.”

The shaders pack features a Landscape Auto Material that lets users paint multiple biomes, shaders that add dynamic effects to objects, with everything textured automatically in real-time.


  • Multi-Biome landscape shader demonstration level
  • Snow shader demonstration level
  • Blend together Multiple Biomes without limitations.
  • Clean and modular setup using Functions. Easily expand and add your own materials.
  • All materials automatically texture the terrain with real-world texture detail.
  • Slope (for cliffs)
  • Cover (create Snow, Moss, Wind Erosion)
  • 3 levels of texture detail (Global, Macro and Close) landscape is detailed at any range.
  • Contains Near mesh shader with Cover functionality (Easily add Snow, Moss, Wind erosion to any of your 3d meshes).

You can learn more about the pack and get it for $9.99 here.

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    Brushify - Shaders Pack Updated