Chris Avellone on Bethesda, Obsidian, Fallout 3 & New Vegas 2

The designer of Fallout 2 Chris Avellone has shared some behind-the-scenes information regarding the past and the future of the Fallout series. 

Yesterday, the designer of Fallout 2 and the writer of Fallout Bible Chris Avellone has published a blog post titled Fallout Apocrypha in which the writer answered some of the questions that troubled the fans of the series for years. In this post, the artist answered several questions regarding Fallout 3, Bethesda, Obsidian, and the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas 2. According to Chris, this post will keep updating in the future and will act as a repository of all the Fallout-related questions he gets asked.

One thing he talked about is the number of New Vegas developers still at Obsidian. According to Chris,  there are still around 20 developers out of an original team of 70. The remainder either quit, were laid off, or were fired.

"Before that’s a cause for alarm, however, many of these remaining 20 were key people in New Vegas’ development, and Obsidian also has Leonard Boyarsky and Tim Cain on board, even though both are on Outer Worlds 2, and Leonard and Tim are the original creators of Fallout," said Chris.

The writer also addressed the infamous "Metacritic controversy" that revolves around Bethesda not paying Obsidian a bonus because of an 84 review score. According to Chris, the bonus was something Bethesda offered above and beyond the New Vegas contract.

"We didn’t ask for this, they offered it, and it was our responsibility to hit that review score. We did have to have layoffs at Obsidian around this time period, but the bonus from Metacritic wouldn’t have prevented that from happening," commented Chris on the matter.

The writer also commented on Fallout 3 and stated that he doesn't hate Bethesda for what they did with the series. "If anything, they kept it alive, and then added a much deeper layer of open-world exploration than anything we’d been able to do at Interplay," said Chris.

He also compiled all the things he loved and hated about Fallout 3, offering a unique point of view on one of the most controversial Bethesda games.

The post ended with Chris' take on Fallout: New Vegas 2, which is reportedly being discussed at Microsoft. Chris said that he knows nothing about the possible sequel, except that it "probably wouldn’t be called New Vegas 2."

"I do think any such game would require Bethesda’s support, even though they are owned by Microsoft. I know people assume that Phil Spencer could simply force Bethesda to do something, that’s not the pattern from the studios that Microsoft has acquired," commented Chris.

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