Elden Ring VR Mod: Gameplay Revealed

UploadVR and Luke Ross have revealed 15 minutes of gameplay behind the Elden Ring VR mod.

In late April, Luke Ross, a modder known for creating a variety of VR mods for different games, including Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077, announced that he is working on turning Elden Ring into a VR title as well. Back then, the developer promised to make the game playable with both first-person and third-person views and stated that motion sickness while rolling would not be a problem.

Recently, Ross in collaboration with UploadVR revealed 15 minutes of the mod's gameplay, showing all the new features added by the modder to the game. According to UploadVR's video, the mod is indeed playable in first and third-person, has a new intuitive VR quick menu that pauses the entire game, and has a Tourist Mode that allows you to play the game without fighting any bosses or enemies.

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