Engines and Generators for Environment Production

Check out 5 Unity packs with engines, toolboxes, and generators for environment creation.

Low Poly Terrain - Polaris 2020

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Check out a cool low-poly terrain creation tool.


  • Super easy to learn: Familiar workflow, no more guessing works thank to Live Preview, in-depth documents, or even get the answer right in the Editor before you have to reach out!
  • Multi-threaded & GPU accelerated: Harness the power of Burst Compiler, C# Job System, and GPU calculation. Get instant results, in real-time. Multi-terrains editing handled with ease.
  • Modern & easy-to-use toolbox: Complete toolset with some familiar and some unique you can't find anywhere.
  • Advanced geometry generation: Speed up your scene with dynamic mesh wireframing, multiple levels of detail (up to 4 levels), Unity Navigation System compatible; more interesting geometry with cross-tiles matching, XZ plane displacement, holes, flat/smooth normal mixing.
  • Massive foliage rendering: Dense forest rendered within a blink of the eyes with GPU Instancing, no Game Object overhead, billboard rendering & grass wind animation as well as interactive grass.
  • Unlimited shading styles: From Lambert, Blinn Phong to Physical Based; from Gradient Lookup, Colormap, Vertex Color to Splats; whatever!
  • VR ready: Achieve an immersive and high-performance VR experience in no time. Tested on Oculus Rift S.

Octave3D-Level Design

Grab a toolbox for environment building.

Main Features:

  • Prefab categories and tags;
  • Grid snapping;
  • Object to object snapping;
  • Easy prop placement;
  • Prefab brushes;
  • Object groups;
  • Symmetry;
  • Support for multi-story environments;
  • Tile connections;
  • Object selection;
  • Single and mass erase tools;
  • Snap and paint masks;
  • 2D sprite support;
  • Level optimization (mesh combine);

TerraWorld - Automated Level Designer

Check out a Unity plugin that will help you create a realistic environment using real-world data from ESRI, NASA & OpenStreetMap. 


  • Detailed worlds using real-world elevation, satellite imagery & landcover data
  • Natural Erosion & Terrace filters
  • Outputs slope, flow, aspect & normal masks
  • Advanced splat mapping & texturing
  • Outputs water, trees, grass... regions from online landcover data
  • Day-Night cycle with auto dynamic lighting throughout the entire scene
  • Advanced Clouds Rendering with semi-volumetric representation
  • Volumetric Atmospheric Scattering
  • Volumetric Global Fog
  • Volumetric Horizon Fog
  • Global Procedural Snow
  • Wind Simulation
  • Water Shader with auto flow mapping
  • Compatible with Unity’s Post Processing
  • Automatic Lake, River, Ocean & Sea generation
  • TerraMesh: mesh from terrain based on defined slope/height range
  • Automatic Cache system to work in offline and faster iterative world generation
  • No sign-up needed on external websites or sources

CScape City System

Create thousand of buildings in no time with CScape City System. 

  • Advanced customized PBR shader with POM mapping helps to reduce the number of polygons while maintaining details.
  • System for using simple building lo-poly template meshes, that can be customized in unity editor.
  • Support for day-night cycling (animated in-house lights and building illumination)
  • City generator
  • All buildings use a sort of fake parallax interiors so that it gives an impression of complex meshes even in VR.
  • CScape has an infinite possibility of customizations of building colors and textures
  • A re-lighten feature that simulates night street-light for buildings and Ambient occlusion for daylight scenes (without the need to use costly lights or image effects)
  • System for generating facade style textures in an easy way
  • LOD system that automatically optimizes object details based on distance from the camera.
  • Various object array systems help you put arrays of objects on building sides. -Rooftop system -Soon to come: Building Styles Packs, like Sci-Fi city, ’20’s New York, Italian city, Cartoon City, Apocalyptic City, Soviet City. The first version includes a pack called Megacity, capable of generating thousands of different materials with a single shader.
  • CDK (content development Kit) for artists that want to make their own CScape Styles (and eventually sell them on asset store).

Terrain Grid System

Have a look at an advanced grid generator for terrain and 2D grid. 


  • Easy to use. Add Terrain Grid System script to your terrain, game object or group of objects to instantly attach and configure the grid. Or drag & drop the prefab to use it in stand-alone mode (no terrain mode).
  • Configurable, fully interactive, and fast grid generation, including Voronoi tessellation, box/squared, rectangular and hexagonal types.
  • Compatible with Unity standard terrain, mesh-based terrains, or any game object with a mesh.
  • Change visibility, color, or texture of cells from Unity editor with the integrated grid editor.
  • Produces highly optimized grid mesh with reduced vertex count.
  • Two levels of regions: cells and territories.
  • Fastest selectable and highlighting system for both cells and territories.
  • Coloring and fade-out support for both cells and territories.
  • A* Pathfinding for boxed and hexagonal grids with customizable cell weights and obstacles.
  • Easily define blocking cells or assign cells to different groups (zones, obstacles, custom navigatable paths, ...)
  • Get neighbors or cells in range according to crossing cost, max steps, or cell group masks
  • LOS (Line of Sight) functions.
  • Easy rectangle selection of cells.
  • Different positioning options for best mesh adaptation to the terrain, including scaling and positioning inside terrain boundaries, maximum terrain slope, minimum altitude, ...
  • Control the visibility of individual cells using API or alpha texture mask.
  • Define territories using a color texture or the embedded grid editor!
  • Supports multiple grids in the scene as well as multiple grids per terrain.

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