Foundry Introduces Modo 11 and a New Subscription-based Service
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Foundry Introduces Modo 11 and a New Subscription-based Service
24 April, 2017
Foundry, has launched Modo 11.0, the first version of the Modo 11 Series and introduced a new subscription-based pricing model that is said to provide customers with greater choice and convenience. Modo 11 enhances workflows for both direct and procedural modeling, MeshFusion advanced Booleans and UV editing. Performance is said to be a focus across the series.


Performance and efficiency improvements

Modo 11.0 delivers accelerated performance across a number of key areas: support for OpenSubdiv 3 delivers faster deformations; animation caching speeds up display; localized evaluation for MeshFusion improves interactivity; and instances are drawn faster. A large number of workflow enhancements also increase artist productivity, including improvements to the game exporter, the ability to duplicate elements while transforming them interactively, and new selection methods in the Item List.

Modo 11 modeling workflow enchancements - split example

Modeling workflow enhancements

Reinforcing its position as a best-in-class modeling solution, Modo 11.0 offers new MeshFusion features that include the ability to cut, copy and paste Fusion items; enhancements to Auto Retopology including a new Adaptive mode and Curvature metric; a number of improvements to procedural modeling workflows; a brush preview for painting and sculpting tools; and a new customizable Tool HUD for faster access to the tools you use the most.

Modo 11 better out the box mesh light source screengrab exmaple

Better out of-the-box experience

With a streamlined installation experience and login-based licensing; included rigs for procedural modeling; new render setting presets and better defaults that make it easier to create high-quality, noise-free renderings without specialist expertise; and an emphasis on fixing known issues, Modo 11.0 offers a better out-of-the-box experience. Other improvements include easier access to your recent projects, training videos and online help; and the ability to run Modo in safe mode for debugging purposes.

MeshFusion updates mean faster and easier 3D modeling in Modo

Revamped MeshFusion

Harness the power of MeshFusion’s advanced Boolean toolset more easily, thanks to a simplified schematic-free workflow that automatically creates and reorders the underlying tree structure as you cut, combine and intersect meshes. Cleaner output geometry and enhanced viewport visibility also contribute to a smoother, easier process, while an option to defer updates until mouse-up vastly improves performance as you edit.

Automatic Retopology means real time sculpting is now available in Modo 10.2

Automatic retopology

Scanning a real-world object or creating a model in standalone sculpting programs can leave you with an unnecessarily dense mesh and poor topology. The new Auto-Retopo command creates clean mesh topology that follows the curvature of the input surface, at a density you specify. Use weight maps to concentrate the density where you need it most, and sketch guide curves on the surface to control the edge flow.

Procedural Modeling makes Modo the best 3d software on the market

Procedural modeling enhancements

Modo’s new assembly aliases let you collapse a set of operations and present them as a single entity with user-definable inputs—perfect for creating shareable presets to use with procedural modeling. Additionally, procedural modeling now supports various slicing and drilling commands. Clone and duplicate parts of the mesh in different ways, and use a wide range of previously unavailable selection commands to modify an existing selection.

You can find more information on the newest version here.  

Modo users can now receive every software update and new release via a subscription-based service, Modo Subscription. $59 a month or $599 annually. 

Individuals and businesses can get a permanent Modo license at the same price. Perpetual licenses now include maintenance, providing product updates and technical support over the one-year maintenance term. You can attach maintenance to your existing license for $399 each year.

We understand how valuable Modo is to artists and visual design professionals, which is why we are committed to collecting feedback and suggestions for improvements. Our customers wanted enhanced performance, improved workflows and better integration with other Foundry applications, and the Modo 11 Series delivers a range of new features and updates to address this demand.

We’re also responding to an increasing number of requests to offer more flexible pricing models to customers with the launch of our new subscription and maintenance options for Modo. Both subscription and maintenance will let customers take advantage of the latest features so they can enhance their skills using the latest technology available on the market.

Jody Madden, Chief Product and Customer Officer at Foundry

Modo Subscription includes:

  • Every update and new release while a customer’s subscription remains valid, as soon as it’s available
  • Login-based licensing allowing customers to work on any machine, without the need to go through a manual license transfer process
  • Full access to Foundry’s support teams by email
  • Access to beta programs and technology previews

Modo maintenance includes:

  • The ability for customers keep their license, even if they stop paying maintenance
  • Every update and new release while their maintenance remains valid, as soon as it’s available
  • The flexibility of login-based licensing to work where customers want
  • Full access to Foundry’s global Support teams by email
  • Access to beta programs and exclusive technology previews

Author: Artyom Sergeev

Source: Foundry

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