Free Tutorial on Tiling Textures
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by Fuck off
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Fuck off, Ad. It cost $$$$$$$

by Paul Jonathan
15 hours ago

Laura, thank you for taking the time to model the warehouse boxes. I appreciate the enginuity. This could be used for games but as well as that, for businessmen to help showcase floorplans and build site images to their co-workers and employees. I highly respect this level of design. Best Paul.

Haha.I can understand English. I am just not good at speaking. It has been a long time I don't speak English, but I can read. Anyway, thanks for sharing my artwork. Thank you for loving it.

Free Tutorial on Tiling Textures
17 August, 2017

Alex Senechal is giving away 1000 copies of his ‘Advanced Tiling Texture Techniques for Environment Design’ tutorial. UPD.  Due to demand, the number of free tutorials was doubled.

A while ago, we’ve talked with Alex Senechal about his approach to tiling techniques, which could be utilized during environment production. His approach is painstakingly documented in a tutorial, which was available for purchase at Gumroad. But today readers have a unique chance to grab this tutorial FOR FREE: All you have to do is follow this link! Be warned that the number of copies is limited (only 1000), so you’d better hurry up. Make sure to follow Alex on Instagram and Artstation. He often posts a lot of interesting stuff there. 

This tutorial covers the basics of tiling textures as well as my 2 UV system for blending unique details and tiles. This gives you a lot of flexibility in your modeling process as well as speed due to not having to bake down a high poly.

There is over 10 hours of video content of me creating this from the blockout stage to the final stage in real time with commentary. You get all the files you need to follow along as well. I use 3ds Max 2017 in this tutorial and it is recommended that you use it to follow along, but you may set up your materials to match mine in your 3d program of choice and follow along as well. 

What you get: 

  • 10+ hours of video content in real time with commentary showing my workflows and modeling techniques in detail as well as my thoughts during scene creation.
  • Blockout models and scene files from 3ds max 2017-2014 also FBX and OBJ
  • My final result in FBX and 3ds max files.
  • 2 Unreal 4 scenes (both the blockout and my final result)
  • List of my hotkeys 
  • All the assets and project files needed to create this scifi diorama
  • Workflow tips and advice 
  • High poly trim sheet OBJ and FBX for both the rubber and metal trims
  • My entire Unreal setup in the scene files as well as material breakdowns so you can deconstruct them.
  • Examples Images as well as a text quick documentation on tips for usage. 

Make sure to follow Alex on Instagram and Artstation. And check out his Gumroad for other tuts.


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Way to make a clickbait for a tutorial




This is fantastic!


Everyone is missing the fact that if you press “I want this” the tutorial turns into 0$.


Free tutorial mean free tutorial but not 14$ for tutorial!