GeForce NOW Will Bring Wireless VR & AR
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Great job! I want this too! Please make it somehow available!

by John Doe
7 hours ago

I want this!

by hnjmbn
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GeForce NOW Will Bring Wireless VR & AR
29 March, 2019

NVIDIA brings to life the revolutionary technology expanding its cloud-streaming platform GeForce NOW and the RTX servers lineup. Cloud Gaming is gaining its strength presenting it possible to stream even the most demanding PC games, VR, and AR to any device.

On March 18, NVIDIA has announced the expansion of NVIDIA RTX Servers lineup that will be available for  Optix RTX rendering, gaming, VR and AR, and professional visualization applications. With optimization, RTX servers will enable the cloud gaming operators to render and stream games at a high performance to any device. According to NVIDIA, the users will be able to get the cinematic-quality graphics for far less than just the cost of electricity.

Additionally, GeForce NOW will also enable wireless VR and AR allowing to experience high-quality and demanding VR on the devices that might be too powerless for it. NVIDIA will be showcasing AR/VR demos running on cloud-based hardware at GTC.

For more information, read full blog posts about RTX servers and GeForce NOW.

About GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW is an open cloud-streaming platform that allows you to bring and play any games supported by NVIDIA regardless of their system requirements. It’s a subscription-based service powered by NVIDIA GeForce GPUs which means that the games can be streamed to any device with no loss in quality and performance, even if we speak of 5G networks. The service is now in Open Beta.




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This better be a joke right? Streaming VR games? We already have 166ms input lag with the worlds most powerful servers and you expect to run VR off that?


Ever heard of 5G?