Guide: Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Houdini
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The GDC clip is basically him talking on others people work completely unrelated to what he's supposed to sell. High five!

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Guide: Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Houdini
2 April, 2018

Entagma is back with another great Houdini guide. This time, Moritz Schwind shows how you can generate Rayleigh-Taylor instability inside the tool. The artist presented a pretty simple setup that will let you get some amazing fluid swirls with cool details. 

This was one of the questions we received while on season break: How would we go about creating a Rayleigh Taylor instability. After quickly brushing up on our fluid dynamics knowledge and conducting quite a funny real-world experiment (“Let’s see if this really works!”), which involved microwaving dye, we came up with a pretty simple setup that nevertheless generates quite amazing detail in the fluid swirls that are so typical of the phenomenon called Rayleigh Taylor instability.


Download Scene File (.hip)

The team recommends watching a couple of videos below for more details on the instability:


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