Gumroad Digest: Materials for ZBrush

Gumroad Digest: Materials for ZBrush

See 5 materials for ZBrush that will be a good addition to your production, whether you are working on beasts, hard surface, and human anatomy.

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The pack includes:

  • 40 hand-sculpted dragon detail brushes all contained within one Multi-Alpha brush.
  • Scales, spikes and everything nice!
  • Perfect to speed up your dragon creation!
  • One VDM brush.
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These alphas work best for quick detailing. You can overlay and adjust them how you want. 

There are 4 types of licenses: 

  • Single User License 
  • Team License - up to 10 people 
  • Unlimited Team License 
  • Educational License 

This tool is perfect for nude characters but still needs some tweaking of the character afterward.

Version 2 includes:

- Complete support for posing the fingers and the feet.

- Tweaked joints for more accurate movement.

- Additional joints added to prevent breaking when trying to create seated poses but cleanup is still required.

- Additional joints added for a smoother range of motion.

Watch the tutorial to understand how to use the rig. 

Learn all the stages of the helmet production from Armored Colony. 

The tutorial goes with: 

  •  over 5 hours of video content.
  • Mixed speed (a combination of accelerated and real-time footage) for a more pleasurable viewing experience.
  • Includes audio commentary in English


Software used: ZBrush (sculpting), Keyshot (rendering) and Affinity Photo which is a Photoshop alternative (compositing and color correction).

Additional Assets: Final 3D sculpt, Keyshot scene, ZBrush Goodies (matcaps, brushes, hotkeys and UI).

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