K/DA – POP/STARS: Animation Progression
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Oh shit!

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VUE without competition

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Can you please give us a walkthrough how to implement this into Maya? would be super helpful. Thanks a lot.

K/DA - POP/STARS: Animation Progression
13 January, 2019

We all love the music video of K/DA produced by the French studio Forticshe and the amazing artists at Riot, right? Here’s something cool from Remy Terreaux for you to learn more about the animation behind the project.

“Black and white shots are for continuity only.
K/DA – POP/STARS is property of Riot Games. This video is for educational purposes only.”

And here is a version with more details:

Basically, the animation here is pretty tense as the team had to turn a beautiful choreography into some CG moves. Well, even if you don’t play LoL, you have to love Riot’s CG videos. The company often shares story trailers, which we share in our Show and Tell group.

for those of you unfamiliar with the whole story, the video was done for the fictional K-Pop band K/DA and their debut single called Pop/Stars. The video was assembled by the amazing professional from the French studio Fortiche.

You can learn more about the video in our original article here.

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