Making an Amnesia-inspired Scene with Megascans Assets

A few Megascans assets for the production of Amnesia-inspired environment. 

This October, Amnesia: Rebirth will be released. While waiting on getting back to the harrowing journey, we thought that recreating a scene or making an inspired-by might be a good way to spend the waiting time. Check out a few assets from the Megascans library that might help you work on your Amnesia-inspired project. 

Arabescato Marble Mosaic Tiles

Such mosaic tiles will be a nice addition to the interior of old houses with columns and vases. To make it fit in the scene better, adjust the color, add cracks and dust, and it's ready.

Roman Stone Ruins

Such ruins would work well for the exterior part of the project. We've picked this asset referencing the fireplace that you can see in the trailer so don't hesitate to get creative with assets and tweak them as you'd like.

Soil Sandy

Soil Sandy surface would be a nice foundation for the ground of the scene. The game's plot takes place in Algeria so sand is a significant feature of the environment.

Smooth Layered Rock

If you want to add giant rocks or even create caves, this asset would come in handy for you. The color and a bit polished look of all uneven spots will enhance the scene with sand all over the place. 

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