Megascans Digest: Recreating Medieval Game Scene

Check out 5 Megascans assets that will help you recreate a UE4 medieval scene or create an inspired-by. 

Take a look at 5 assets from the Megascans collection that will help you recreate the medieval game environment, a production breakdown of which you can find here

Nordic Beach Rock 

A nice asset to create a background with or add some details to the organic scene. The unpolished look of it will benefit the medieval atmosphere. 

Mossy Stone Wall 

Check out a Mossy Stone Wall asset that will look amazing as a part of the medieval abandoned house, for example, or as a ruin of the once-living place. The rocks’ texture and the moss will help bring in the abandoned, non-urban look to the project.

Medieval Gable

A ready-to-use house gable is a go-to way to speed up your house-building workflow without sacrificing the quality of the textures you’re working on. It might be nice to tweak it a little bit and add some dark or burn-our spots and moss, and you’re ready to go!

Medieval Modular Wall  

Have a look at the modular wall asset, a perfect choice for a medieval house production. The variety of textures and unevenness are definitely spot-on for such a project. 

Wooden Ammo Crate

And for the last one, a prop asset for you to check out. Made of wood, with rusted details will be a nice addition to the interior pretty well. Feel free to tweak it as well to make it fit in your scene. 

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