Mixer 2019.2 Available
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Cologne DE   18, Aug — 20, Aug
Cologne DE   20, Aug — 25, Aug
Vienna AT   23, Aug — 25, Aug
Anaheim US   27, Aug — 30, Aug
SEATTLE US   30, Aug — 3, Sep
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by Marvin Washington
3 hours ago

Awesome breakdown. Good designers often have similar processes.

Found it here: https://exoside.com/quadremesher/, just in case anyone else is looking for it.

The link at the end is pointing back to the article. Couldn't find the Quad Remesher and I would really love to test it.

Mixer 2019.2 Available
22 July, 2019

Have a look at the new version of Quixel Mixer that adds countless improvements and pushes the tool to the next level.

The new version rebuilds Mixer’s core structure, which “opens a whole new world of possibilities, all at an incredible speed. Whether you’re starting Mixer, importing assets or loading texture maps, this update will keep surprising you with its performance boosts, and we’re just getting started,” noted the team.

Quixel states that a 4K project is running up to 3x faster in this latest release. What is more, the overall UI responsiveness has been improved, too, so the experience is now faster and more enjoyable.

The biggest thing is the Undo/Redo option which is finally available in Mixer 2019.2. “This feature is still in its experimental state but already shows immense potential with a smooth and lightning-fast experience where you can go back and forth with all your modification,” wrote the team.

You can learn more here.

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sanek94cooljohn Recent comment authors

Can’t wait for migrating Quixel Suite functionality to Mixer! This is going to be a complete alternative to SUbstance for me.


Any news about a possible linux version?

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