Newtonian Interactions in Houdini
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by Lincoln Hughes
1 hours ago

Hmmm, i'm assuming that you're talking about the base of the plant moving as much as the top? If so, not really unless you wanted to make your own custom shader to control only the top vertices in the mesh. Right now, inside of the foliage shader, it's a super basic grass wind node that comes with the base version of Unreal... Let me know if you find a solution for this :)

by Tudor Whiteley
4 hours ago

Hi Lincoln, Thanks for this. I found it incredibly informative. Could I ask you a question about your wind + plant movement? Is there any way to stop it looking like the plants are rooted in moving water. I find it horribly distracting and pulls me out of my suspension of disbelief. Cheers, Tudor

by Assignment help
12 hours ago

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Newtonian Interactions in Houdini
14 June, 2017

David A. Ferreira has shared a video on his experiments with newtonian interactions in Houdini. The artist watched a tutorial from Entagma on Custom Particles with VEX and dived into the creation of different motions you can get from such simple concepts.

I introduced a parameter to control an attraction force at the geometric center of all particle positions, an initial acceleration and also some simple controls for an attack force on the heaviest particle that will try to “eat” the second heaviest or the lightest particle.

Beware of hypnotic properties of this kind of project, you really lose track of time just playing around with different values.

All rendered with DOF in the amazing lightning fast Redshift. It’s so fast.

David A. Ferreira

Check out the tutorial from Entagma below:

Download Project File (.hipnc)

Download Project File – Physically implausible setup but funny results (.hipnc)

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