Oculus Touch: New Games, Better Moves
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Hi, is it possible to download it somewhere else other than the marketplace?

Amazing work. I would really appriciate if you post a tutorial about that ornament. Thanks

by Yes
19 hours ago

Gabe is amazing and im happy to have him basicaly be the face of gaming. If you have something against him reply to this, i would love to discus

Oculus Touch: New Games, Better Moves
2 December, 2016
Video Game industry is in the progress of embracing Virtual Reality – hundreds of studios around the world are working on new experiences for VR solutions like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other devices. But the thing is, VR titles are not that easy to handle. For example, controlling your movements when using Oculus Rift before December 6 is hard as you can only use keyboard and mouse or a gamepad. You always want to touch something or manipulate it with your own hands when you brain sees a virtual world, but you have to use mouse. 


The Touch controllers designed by Oculus might become the perfect solution for this puzzle. Motion controllers were created for another level of immersion – you can control gun with your own hands and your brain won’t say a thing. 


First of all, let’s lay cards on the table. The Oculus Touch will cost you $199 when Oculus launches it on December. The standard package also includes two games, VR Sports Challenge and the Unspoken.


Speaking about controllers design, they feature a plastic ring at one end that tracks your movements. Well, they actually look like a similar controllers from HTC. What is more, controllers have two buttons, an analogue stick, and two triggers and look like a half of a standard Xbox controller. 


When it comes to motion tracking, two cameras on your computer’s desk will handle that task – Touch brings the seconds camera for an expanded range of motion. 


Oculus has presented a video showcasing games meant for Touch controllers. Let’s see if the new controllers really bring that level of immersion and look at some of the titles to make sure they are worth your time.


The Climb

The Climb was launched back in April, but the game was always meant for Touch controllers. Imagine yourself climbing a dangerous mountain to see a beautiful sunset from its peak. The game by Crytek offers a unique  experience – you get to feel its pulse-pounding dangers, but you can’t hurt yourself.  

The title resolves around idea of using your own hands to reach another height, so forget about standard controllers and give the new one a try. 

It is also worth noting that Touch version of the Climb is a free update to all current owners of The Climb, which also comes with a new level.

Dead and Buried

This game was originally in development by a small team of two – Andrew Welch, the lead engineer and technical director, and Ryan Rutherford, design and environment art.

The original idea was to build a 1v1 duel game set in the Wild West, but the gameplay appeared to be shallow in terms of depth and deployability.

Now it’s a fast-paced cooperative experience that has found a smart way to use cover system in VR. Take a part in a robbery or rush into a proper shootout. 

Well, in the end the Wild Wild West and first-person shooters are an amazing mix.

I Expect You To Die

VR is still hard to handle. Deal with it. But there’s always a way to use your flaws. 

I Expect You To Die is a virtual reality puzzle title that will give you a chance to put on the clothes of a clumsy spy. You have to stop the explosion, but you will probably die because controlling your own hands is a one tough challenge.  Still, you are an elite secret agent, so put on your shoes and remember about champagne. 

You will be able to play on the Oculus Rift using new controllers, a standard controller, or a mouse.

The time is ticking!

There will be a lot of games to experience when Oculus releases its solution on December 6. Just think about the plans for 2017: Robo Recall, Lone Echo, Arktika.1, and Other Ocean’s Giant Cop: Justice Above All

In the meantime, we suggest checking out some of the other Touch-ready games. There are actually 53 of them to look at here

Author: Artyom Sergeev

Source: Oculus

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