Overview of the Modeling Workflow in Maya 2018
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by Polygrinder
8 hours ago

Really awesome work and the tutorial is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

by Dave
8 hours ago

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Overview of the Modeling Workflow in Maya 2018
26 July, 2017

Autodesk shared an overview of the modeling workflow in Maya 2018 that helped create both the character and environment for their internal project, Wall of Death. The team covered many recent and new features, such as quad draw, curve warp deformer, and the new circularize tool, that are said to improve modeling workflow in Maya.

In the meantime, it appears that not all the artists and developers might find this update not that useful. Circularize is the biggest modeling feature for this new Maya update, but is worth it?

Some of you might want to wait for more updates before moving from your older versions.

The Symmetry tool being global across all tools is also interesting. What is more, UV work is a piece of cake, but it has been that way since 2016.5.

You can find the full overview of the newest version here. What do you guys think about the update? 

Source: Autodesk

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