Path Painter for Unity

Path Painter for Unity

Have a look at a path creation system for Unity called Path Painter.

Have a look at a path creation system for Unity called Path Painter. Do you need to make a road, a ramp, a path or a river? The system will help you easily deal with terrain-based path creation and texturing.


  • Create paths;
  • Create ramps;
  • Create roads;
  • Create plateaus for secret forts;
  • Create lakes and river beds;
  • Change terrain elevation along the path;
  • Re-texture along path embankments;
  • Clear grass and trees along the path;
  • Use various algorithms for natural clearing;
  • Standard Unity terrain is compatible.

The tool was created in a collaboration between Frank Slater and Procedural Worlds. The asset is provided in DLL form with no source code. Contact the team if you need the asset’s source code.

Please note that Path Painter doesn’t create meshes, so if you need to make rivers you should use another tool to shade the river component.

You can learn more here.

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  • Mark

    Yeah, I won't go anywhere near that one. That guy is a big question mark for me. I saw his antics. He was one of the biggest fans of Path Painter and I can still see his comments on the publisher's discord how he loved it. Then Unity came out with the new tools and he found a way to copy some of what Path Painter does. He then turned against his now competition and started mudsliding against the publisher. Friends showed me some of his long, muddy one star reviews, and as far as I know he one stared every Asset of the publisher.
    The scariest thing is that some Unity guys seem to be patting him on the head "good job" (probably not even realizing what this so called alternative really is).
    That guy seems to want to get rid of the few good publishers on the Asset store.
    Who is he going to copy then? :D
    He even copied the name. Didn't he have enough brains to come up with a new one? :D
    I hope when the publisher finds out about this "alternative", they will sue his ass off back to the dark ages, so he won't ever get near a computer to ruin good things for all of us.



    ·6 months ago·
  • Jasmine

    There's also a free alternative which uses unity standard tools and is open source:



    ·9 months ago·

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