Podcast on Digital Art

Podcast on Digital Art

Gordon Neill has been running a small art podcast where he meets and interviews artists from around the world, and you should definitely check it out.

The host is currently 33 and he left his job as an engineer in 2012 to pursue a dream of working in video games.

“Over the years I worked on getting into university and finishing a degree in 3D animation but as I attended I reached out and contacted studios in my area,” said the artist.  “The first one was AXIS Animation and I quickly built a dialogue with the studio’s main recruiter at the time, Jill Wallace. To further my skills and, of course, my knowledge of the industry I reached out to several artists online about chatting with them. To make it more legit I remembered my days working as a games journalist, writing blogs and interviews, and decided that a podcast or audio interview may seem more appropriate for me ”

In 2016 a few months before coming to his first industry event Industry Workshops 2016, Neill reached out to Titus Lunter about speaking online. “Titus was my first ever guest and I got to meet him in London a few weeks later.”

Since then, he welcomes guests like Scott Robertson, Matt Rhodes, Marc Brunet and recently Glauco Longhi.

You can learn more about the podcast and the artist’s projects here.

Preview by Scott Robertson

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Podcast on Digital Art