Sketchfab Bundle: Realistic Environments
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Cologne DE   20, Aug — 25, Aug
Vienna AT   23, Aug — 25, Aug
Anaheim US   27, Aug — 30, Aug
SEATTLE US   30, Aug — 3, Sep
Vancouver CA   4, Sep — 7, Sep
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by Youssef SALAMA
12 hours ago

ArtStudio is just too good not to leave a review for. I’ve been using Photoshop on my PC for drawing, photo editing, and professional work for the past six years and when I finally got an iPad with Apple Pencil support I was really hoping Procreate or one of the numerous other drawing/editing apps would be able to replace the feel of PS. Unfortunately, even though Procreate is indeed an amazing drawing program, it still doesn’t really satisfy my need for the familiar feel of photoshop and drawing with photoshop brushes. ArtStudio Pro solved all my problems. It’s got everything you could need and MORE (I especially love their amazing smoothing/line weight algorithm and pressure customization). It’s basically Photoshop, but without having to pay the ridiculous Adobe subscription every month. The price for this app is perfect, in my opinion (and honestly it’s even a bit low, for all it’s able to accomplish) and I really want to give a huge thank you to everyone who worked on/is working on this app and updating it. You’ve saved me so much money and frustration. Hats of to you!

by Mandy Little
14 hours ago

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Sketchfab Bundle: Realistic Environments
29 March, 2019
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Today’s collection of Sketchfab models focuses on environments – from spacious archviz scenes, realistic Spanish streets and Gothic architecture to Deus Ex fan art and a hacker’s basement. Sketchfab is running a sale now, and you can purchase content with a 25% discount. Just use the code SKETCHFABDAY. It is valid through March 31st.

Let’s start off with a few architectural pieces by Marcin Lubecki who often shares beautiful archviz scenes and offers personalized 3D models if you need some.

VR Staircase Art Gallery

Small Apartment Design VR

WMStudio Interior Showcase

Miguel Bandera creates stunning Spanish 3D environments utilizing photogrammetry. Just take a look at them!

Cloister of the Kings

Calle del Barrio Húmedo de León

If you’re looking for something dark and atmospheric, check out Riley van Heeswyk‘s environments one of which is inspired by Deus Ex. If you are not, we encourage you not to skip – the amount of details in the scenes is definitely worth a look.

Hackers Basement

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