SLiB Browser Pro 2.3 for Maya Released
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Las Vegas US   8, Jan — 12, Jan
Zürich CH   31, Jan — 4, Feb
Leamington Spa GB   31, Jan — 3, Feb
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Awesome walkthrough, I really learnt a lot. It was great that Adrienne give links to other people tutorials too!

2 hours ago

Anybody get that?

If it easy to get Substance working with your Rome Fantasy packs after the changes to Substance? Do we still need to read instructions to get PostProcessing set up? Any other issues with installing your packs on Unity?

SLiB Browser Pro 2.3 for Maya Released
12 June, 2018

DGDM has presented a new version of SLib Browser Pro, a library browser that lets you organize and import shaders, objects, scenes, lights, and more. The latest update brings the ability to kitbash, like the Polystein kit for Modo.


  • Import
    • intelligent Import: if a shader or object you want to import is already present in the scene SLiB Browser PRO will reuse it instead of loading it again
      this tremendously speeds up the workflow especially when working with heavy assets
    • “Import and Place at Selection” function (objects or components supported)
    • “Import and Replace” function
    • smart Texture import depending on selection – if a file node is selected it will just swap the texture
  • Export
    • building up own libraries with unparalleled ease
    • quickly generate preview images by either rendering or taking a scene snapshot
    • export with relative textures paths – great for sharing libraries
    • add metadata to your Assets
  • SNR – embedded Shading Network Renamer
    • clean and organized shading networks with a single mouseclick
    • all native Maya nodes supported + most used Vray, Redshift, Mental Ray and Arnold nodes
    • editable “Rename Dictionary” to meet your needs
  • File Management:
    • shader / asset rename, duplicate, copy & paste
    • automatic “Texture File Repath Function”
    • open the selected shader/asset in Maya
    • open selected asset ina file browser
  • Path Tools:
    • display texture paths for the whole scene or just for the selected object(s)
    • find missing texture image files
    • collect all texture files in one location
  • Search Function
    • either search the current category or the whole library
    • advanced search by using meta tags
  • Texture Tools
    • quickly convert relative paths to absolute paths or vice versa
    • collect (copy) all scene textures in current project folder or specify a custom folder
  • IPT  (interactive placement tool)
    • allows Assets import / placement with unparalleled ease
  • Material Picker
    • makes Assignment of Shaders a breeze

You can learn more about the tool and get it for $59 here

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