Substance Painter 2.3 Released
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Substance Painter 2.3 Released
15 September, 2016

The newest version of Substance Painter 2.3 features a number of nice updates, which will definitely make your life a little easier. Jeremie Noguer from Allegorithmic commented on some of the improvements version 2.3 brings to the table.

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The main new feature in 2.3 is a full Photoshop export plugin. It was a recurring request especially coming from freelance artists and outsourcers who are often required to deliver PSD files to clients!

This plugin allows artists to export a whole Substance Painter project into PSD files, while keeping everything intact; all layers, folders, masks and blending modes are transferred to the PSD and artists can pick up in Photoshop where they left off in Painter right away. We generate one PSD per channel as this allows us to keep the color space and bit depth of each channel intact too.

Jeremie Noguer, Allegorithmic

Substance Painter 2.3 also brings the ability to customize the padding at export time, proper support of user channels, a new Clay shader, new scripting components and some minor bug-fixes.

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