Top Environments for Unity

Top Environments for Unity

This time, we’ve prepared a list of some of the environment packs available on the Unity Asset Store.

Another great collection for your Thursday! This time, we’ve prepared a list of some of the best free environment packs available on the Unity Asset Store. Check these nine packs and suggest other useful sets in the comments below.

Book Of The Dead: Environment

This package contains an extended version of the environment that is shown in the Unity’s Book of the Dead trailer.

The package includes:

  • Environment art assets scanned by Quixel, coming either from the Megascans library or produced exclusively for this demo.
  • Environment art assets produced by the Demo team using photogrammetry.
  • Environment scene, setup using the HD Render Pipeline.
  • Player Controller and a Camera fly-through mode to discover the scene in play mode
  • Area Volumes: Volume-based system driving atmospheric scattering, sunlight and wind properties.
  • Custom atmospheric scattering.
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  • Custom vertex shader for procedurally animated wind, used by all our vegetation.
  • Project-specific Lit shader customizations.
  • Project-specific customizations to lighting, shadows and occlusion inputs and calculations.
  • Occlusion Probes, a baked solution for efficient sky occlusion on foliage.
  • Grass occlusion system to create additional occlusion for our smaller vegetation assets placed on the terrain.
  • Sound effects, and a fully functional audio landscape.

You can visit the official forum thread for discussion or questions about the package.

Corridor Lighting Example

The second pack is great for artists willing to master different lighting scenarios inside Unity. 

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This sample scene offers you the chance to try out Unity 5’s real-time GI lighting and image effects in a small interior scene.

You can learn more here

Adam Interior Environment

Another awesome free pack for Unity containing the interior environment from the team’s well-known demo Adam.

The Interior Pack gives insight into how we put together this environment. You would not want to use this approach in most game dev scenarios, but it is applicable to the production of cinematics, cutscenes, trailers.

It also comes down to the choices you make when you balance your production efforts. In our case, we had chosen to invest most of our art creation efforts in other assets, such as the main characters and lighting. Considering the mood and lighting we were going for in the demo, we could get away with not perfecting the assets of the interior environment.

What made this possible, is that the desired look was created primarily with the help of shading, lighting, and post-processing features, some of which come built-in with Unity, others we created just for the Adam demo. Some of them are included here.



The package includes:

  • Environment art assets
  • Real-time area lights, Volumetric fog, Tube lights
  • Planar reflections
  • Post-processing effects
  • Custom particle shaders

Adam Exterior Environment

Another Adam package containing the exterior environment from the demo. The team has done some minor additional work on it to make it more suitable for release, but the main focus here was on the actual camera locations shown in the main demo.

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The package includes:

  • Environment art assets
  • Post-processing effects
  • Scanned assets from Megascans, obtained with permission.
  • Sky from NoEmotionHDRs
  • Some assets based on data from

To create this environment, the team used some tools they wrote themselves on top of Unity, e.g. for placement of vegetation and blending of terrain textures. The pack doesn’t feature those tool as were too unpolished and project-specific.

Nature Starter Kit 2

Have a look at a free bundle that will help you create your own forests and meadows.

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Nature Starter Kit 2 features trees and bushes compatible with the built-in tree generator, so you can easily create all kinds of new variations. You can also edit the shapes and colors of the plants right inside Unity.

The pack contains:

  • 6 bushes
  • 4 trees
  • 3 ground textures
  • 2 grass textures
  • 1 simple skybox

Make Your Fantasy Game – Lite

This pack includes a completed cemetery garden scene from the Make Your Fantasy Game pack. The set features 60+ assets and five ground textures to help you build your own spooky cemetery scene. 

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Need more? You can find 600+ assets and a mobile edition in the full version of Make Your Fantasy Game

Also, you can contact the team behind the pack at if you have any questions.

Hand Painted Forest Environment

Another cool pack to assemble quick scenes — a free sample of assets from the full Hand Painted Forest Environment Pack.

This sample features one textured tree, one grass terrain detail mesh, two terrain textures and a demo scene. Textures are at a lower resolution than the ones presented in the full pack.

You can get these models at higher resolution and all the other forest assets in the full Handpainted Forest Environment pack here!

Hand Painted Nature Kit LITE

Another free pack for a hand-painted look in Unity. 

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This pack includes several trees, props, and textures from full “Hand Painted Nature Kit”, where are a large library of nature environment. The full package is conditionally subdivided on several habitats like a forest, orchard, swamp, steppe, and “other”, where are plants that do not fall into either habitat. This lite version contains only a small part of “other” and forest habitats. With this package, you can make a beautiful game, so players will be delighted. 

The pack contains: 

  • 8 models; 
  • 17 textures; 
  • 8 prefabs; 
  • 1 skybox; 
  • 1 demo scene. 

Check out the full version 

3D Game Kit

Here’s something that will help you build your first game with no programming skills required. The pack features a two-level 3D game example that can help you figure our different gameplay elements, tools, and systems.

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A 3D project designed for non-programmers. Whether you’re an artist, designer or anything in between, The Explorer: 3D Gamekit is an excellent way to see how this collection of gameplay elements, tools, and systems can hook up gameplay without you writing any code. We’ve created a two-level 3D game example using this system for you to explore.

Discover the mysterious alien planet where our Principal Engineer, Ellen has crash landed. Avoid the hazards and defeat the enemies lurking within the ancient ruins of this unknown civilization. 

You can get more details here

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