Tutorial Series: Rig Anything with Rigify

Check out Todor Nikolov’s tutorial series on how to do rigging using Rigify, a Blender add-on.

A 3D artist Todor Nikolov released a whole tutorial series on rigging workflow using Blender’s add-on, Rigify. The series consists of three modules:

  • Rigify Basics: the fundamental module that covers up all essential details such as rigidify workflow, meta-rigs and rigs types, and posing workflow. The first module is available for free, and you can watch it online
  • Video Manual gives a step-by-step explanation of how to do dragon character rigging, including facial rig, legs, arms, paws, tail, spine, and head. This module is available for purchase.
  • The advanced Sessions module is still in the progress and will be out later.

If you want to learn more about animation workflow in Blender, take a look at Ethan Snell’s breakdown where he shared his approach to it for the character Iris.

Find more details on Todor's course on CGDive.

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