UNIGINE Show the Results of Their Hard Work

UNIGINE Show the Results of Their Hard Work

The UNIGINE team is now ready to demonstrate the awesome results of their hard work on the new 2.8 version.

In April of 2019, UNIGINE released a new 2.8 version of their engine that improved their refactored editor, data streaming, vegetation, and cached shadows. Now the team is ready to demonstrate the awesome results of their hard work in this short video.

Here are the major changes that came with the latest update:

  • Redesigned asynchronous data streaming to reduce performance spikes.
  • Improved utilization of multiple CPU cores throughout the engine.
  • UnigineEditor’s transformation: standalone application, made faster, more stable and extensible after a major refactoring, with a number of improvements.
  • Cached shadows optimization: performance boost, more flexibility.
  • Refactored bit masks.
  • Better reflections with additive blending and occlusion clipping.
  • Interleaved rendering mode for lights.
  • Various vegetation improvements.
  • More informative Performance Profiler.
  • Major IG Template update: DIS support, more CIGI packets, multithreading, and optimizations.

Overall, the video clearly shows a great amount of work that UNIGINE  regularly do to make the life of 3D artists easier. The company is committed to bringing new software solutions already for 14 years. So, let’s hope that the new update with the new awesome features & enhancements will not be long in coming.

You can also find more details about the changes in the new UNIGINE 2.8 in our article.

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  • kirito

    whoaaa! great update, so many usefull things that i wish i had in both unity and ue4. Great Work!



    ·a year ago·

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UNIGINE Show the Results of Their Hard-Work