Unite Los Angeles: FPS Sample, Visual Effect Graph, and More

Unite Los Angeles: FPS Sample, Visual Effect Graph, and More

Here are the highlights from the Keynote event, including info about CineCast, FPS sample, the Visual Effect Graph, and more.

Unite Los Angeles has begun and it is something else. Here are the highlights from the Keynote event, including info about CineCast, FPS sample, the Visual Effect Graph, and more.


The team built on top of Cinemachine and combined a number of powerful new systems to make ‘Cinematography AI’, which led to a feature the calls CineCast.

CineCast is said to bring cutting-edge tech to Developers in these areas:

  • Replays – have movie-like cinematics from variable scenarios.
  • Cutscenes and game trailers – no more flying around with a manual marketing camera trying to get your shots.
  • eSports – give your viewers and Casters tools so they can make the most beautiful streams of your game, in real-time.

CineCast provides “high-level, director-like controls so you can cinematically craft how you’d like a game to be filmed. You can choose to follow a particular player, pick from wide, normal, telephoto or follow cameraman shots and even control the speed of the edit.”

Learn more about CineCast.

Unity’s first game project – FPS Sample

Unity Technologies introduced their first sample game project, the FPS Sample. In this project, users can pick everything apart, tweak and experiment, and learn all about the new features, including how to work with layered materials, post-processing, and light modes for the HD Render Pipeline.

The FPS Sample is available today.

The Visual Effect Graph

The team’s new Visual Effect Graph gives users more power for creating beautiful effects. Basically, it is a node-based system that is both easy to use and flexible, allowing artists to create stunning VFX quickly. You can easily drag and drop ready-made nodes for simple effects or you can make something more complex.

The intuitive interface is said to be artist-friendly and ultra-responsive, so you can see all your changes in real-time.

Learn more about the Visual Effect Graph.


The company’s Entity Component System (ECS) team teamed up with two artists from the FPS Sample team to produce a futuristic cityscape showcasing their current progress on the ECS foundation and Burst.

The demo was “built using 2018.3 with some modification and the plan is to ship this demo to the public with full source and assets sometime in 2019. It heavily relies on the new Nested Prefab workflow also available in 2018.3, as well as newly developed features that enhance the experience of working with very large sets of GameObjects”. 

You can get more details here.

Real-Time Multiplayer Alpha

The team promised new networking solutions that will be built starting with a new transport layer. The new transport layer is said to support multi-threading with the Job System and sometime later new features will be provided as full source packages, allowing you to debug and optimize.

The team is shipping an Alpha of everything they have today – from networking transport libraries to fully integrated game services and a few samples – check it out.

Film and animation

Unity is all about new workflows in episodic animation and short films. For animation studios, Unity is a perfect place to tell rich stories in a more intuitive way than traditional workflows.

Animation, virtual cinematography, virtual production, previs, performance capture, cinematic VR experiences — your fantasy is the limit.

Learn more about Unity for Film.

Digital Monarch Media Joins Unity

The team at Digital Monarch Media, led by Wes Potter and Habib Zargarpour, will be joining the Unity family to develop great projects together. “Their suite of powerful virtual cinematography and production tools have already enabled world-class directors and cinematographers to craft incredible stories, such as Steven Spielberg for Ready Player One, Denis Villeneuve for Blade Runner 2049, and Jon Favreau for The Jungle Book,” pointed out the team.

You can find more news from the Unity family here

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    Unite LA: FPS Sample, Visual Effect Graph, and More