Unity Black Friday 2019: Popular Assets On Sale

Unity Black Friday 2019: Popular Assets On Sale

Today is the first day of Unity Black Friday Sale that will last through December 1. During this week, the store will sell top assets with 50-70% off, so if you were planning on making big purchases, this is a perfect chance to save hundreds of dollars.

The products on sale are divided into two groups: 

  1. The first group includes 400 assets with 50% off. Here you'll find popular packs on various topics from environment art to VFX.
  2. Each day of the week, within 24 hours, there'll be one premium asset sold at a 70% discount. See all the Daily Mega Deals below - perhaps, there are assets you've set your eyes on among them.


If there's nothing to your liking in the Daily Mega Deals, we've recapped some of the most popular assets with 50% off:

Light, Fog, Sky

- Weather Maker

A complete weather system for Unity with weather zones, sky, volumetric clouds, fog, lighting, day/night cycle, and water. All-in-one solution for setting up the ambiance accurately. 

- Aura 2

A tool for adding volumetric lighting/fog which simulates the illumination of the micro-particles in the environment. The asset supports multiple cameras, light probes, opaque geometry, VR, and more.


- Amplify Shader Editor

An intuitive node-based tool for shader creation in Unity. With it, you can create shaders for both the legacy built-in renderer and the new Scriptable Rendering pipeline (HD/LW/URP). The solution is suitable for beginners who want to start making shaders.

- Lowpoly Flat/Gradient Shader

A multi-parameter shader package that helps to create low-poly and stylized visuals with vertex/flat colors and gradients. Eight sample scenes are included.

Natural Environment

- Vegetation Studio Pro

A tool for vegetation placement with a custom render system. The placement of vegetation is based on customizable rules controlled by a Biome system, textures, and polygon masks.

- Forest Environment - Dynamic Nature

The pack includes a  carefully made forest environment, optimized scanned assets with LODs (bushes, rocks, plants, grass, mushrooms, trees, roads, and more), shaders, and ported wind shading.

- R.A.M 2019 - River Auto Material 2019

An asset for advanced river and lake production with a flowmap. With it, you can create river networks, auto-textured river beds, cascades, and swamps. Compatible with Vegetation Studio Pro.

- Gaia

A terrain generation system that helps to easily create terrains, quickly texture and fill them with meshes. The tool is very versatile and allows you to work on the environments as procedurally or manually as you want.

- Digger - Terrain Caves & Overhangs

A solution for adding and texturing caves and overhangs directly in the scene view without the need for external software. Digger uses voxels and marching cubes to create meshes, yet it doesn't replace the whole terrain with a voxel one.



- Epic Toon FX

A huge package of cartoony particle effects (690 in total) for combats, environments, and interactions.

- Living Particles

The pack includes particle shaders that allow you to create unusual high-quality effects like a living ground that responds to the player's movements.  

- Realistic Effects Pack 4

A collection of realistic effects with sounds perfect for magic battles: fire, electricity, ice, thunder, and more. The projectiles work out of the box.


- Animancer Pro

An animation system that gives precise control over animations. It uses the Playables API and can either replace Animator Controllers entirely or work alongside them.

- Boing Kit

A tool that helps to add bouncy effects to the objects by turning bones into dynamic bouncy bones. You can make the whole model bouncy, set effectors and reactors or create large reactor fields.

- Runner Action Animation Pack

A pack with around 200 different situational key animations running, jumping, attack and other humanoid character actions (root and in-place motions).

Level Design

- Dungeon Architect

A level generation tool that allows you to easily create dungeon levels procedurally as well as modify and paint the terrain alongside.

- Ferr2D Terrain Tool

A solution for creating handmade 2D/2.5D levels and terrains with a path editor and smart colliders.

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