Unkempt Flagstones with Mud and Grass

Unkempt Flagstones with Mud and Grass

Have a look at a pack of Unkempt Flagstones with Mud and Grass which is a 100% procedural material made in Substance Designer.

What you get is a versatile ground material with a number of options to change and randomize grass, mud, and tiles. The artist notes that custom alphas can be plugged into the .sbsar node if you want to control the shape of the stone.

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  • Flat or Mounded Grass
  • Mud and Grass Scale Slider
  • Randomize Mud and Grass Slider
  • Water Level Slider
  • Custom Alpha Input on/off
  • Option to overlay tile effect on Custom Alpha on/off
  • Default Tiles on/off
  • Tiles Scattered or Ordered
  • Random Mask sliders for default tiles

UFDefaultMaps.zip contains 5 already exported 4k png Textures (AO, baseColor, height, normal, roughness) of Material at default settings.

Please note that the material is compatible with Substance Engine v6, made in Substance Designer 2018 v3.0.

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You can learn more and get the pack here.

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Unkempt Flagstones with Mud and Grass