VFX Studios Talk Using 3DS Max
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Even Top Notch Artists will be replaced by AI. You have no idea what you are talking about. If you do, only very superficial. At the end you are only an employee. You dont have any contact or experience to the High End Echelons we worked on. In 20 years, 40% of workforce working today will be out of jobs. First we will get worldwide financial crash, then AI takes over. Admin will remember my words in not distance future.

by z35
1 days ago

awesome :O

Don't work for me, loading freeze

VFX Studios Talk Using 3DS Max
10 July, 2018

Eloi Andaluz Fullà has shared a new video that studies if 3ds Max is the industry Standard for VFX. The artist from ScanlineVFX has contacted 10 studios that use 3DS Max in their pipeline to learn about the way they use the software, their projects, and some general information about the company.  

Is 3ds max the industry Standard in VFX? It depends.

I contact my friends in over 10 different studios around the world where they use 3ds Max in their pipeline in one or multiple departments.

We will see how each company uses 3ds max, in what they are working on, while I will try to give some general information about the company.

The 1 to 10 list doesn’t really mean anything, this is YouTube, and people like lists. I ordered them mostly based on popularity/time in the industry. For my personal view, ScanlineVFX is actually the best company all around, really proud of all the amazing team I have the luck to work with. If ILM is on the top of the list, it’s simply because it is a way older company, the public knows them very well, and they advance and contribute a lot on the VFX industry and they have all my respect for that.

Eloi Andaluz Fullà 

You can learn more about the artist’s research here

Source: YouTube

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Timucin OZGER
Timucin OZGER

Linux is free, Linux is easy to deploy,Linux is secure. pretty much every major and medium sized studios use exclusively Linux. MPC, ILM, WETA, DNEG, FRAMESTORE.

Single handedly at MPC there are thousands of Maya desks.

In VFX , there is pretty much 3 companies I know who uses MAX as their main application.
Scanline, Blur and Pixomondo. All the other ones of course also use Windows mostly for Photoshop.


Seriously, why Linux?
I guess You cannot afford windows after spending all the money for Nuke.
Other than “Cool” factor, what Linux gives you?


Max doesnt need to be a serious competitor to maya. Max already outperform Maya globally. Autodesk sells 8 3dsmax license for each 1 maya license. If we talk about VFX, then… how many studios use exclusively Linux? I will like to see the number of maya windows vs maya linux to be able to talk properly.

Timucin OZGER
Timucin OZGER

If Max wants to be a serious competitor to maya, they should first release a Linux version