Substance in Unity Plugin Updated
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Substance in Unity Plugin Updated
9 October, 2018

Allegorithmic has recently announced that Substance in Unity now allows users to work with Substance materials on projects for iOS and Android. The latest update to the Substance in Unity plugin also brings developers a simpler update process and a wider scope for scripting.

First of all, the updated plugin allows artists to use Substance materials within mobile projects with publishing support for both iOS and Android platforms.

The Substance plugin update process is said to be as simple as importing the new plugin now. It doesn’t require to delete or re-import assets.

The team has added a scripting Define symbol to benefit other plugins that want to support the Substance API. Users can now “encapsulate all code specific to the Substance plugin inside #if #endif.” 

The developers have also added ListInputs() to “list input parameters in a Substance graph as well as a function to get the generated textures using GetGeneratedTextures().”

Make sure to learn more about the update here

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