Best VFX for Unity

Best VFX for Unity

This time instead of books we’ve gathered for you some top-notch VFX that can be purchased at the Unity store. Lots of awesome realistic and stylized effects!

Today’s Top 10 (actually 9) differs from the previous weeks’ collections because this time instead of books we’ve gathered for you some top-notch VFX sets that can be purchased at the Unity store. Awesome realistic fire blasts, retro powerups, stylized magic effects, tornados, spikes and so much more… Dig in!

Mesh Effects

This awesome package from VFX artist and Unity user Kripto289 contains 21 mesh effects that can be easily adapted for PC, Consoles, Mobiles, and VR. The pack has received a lot of positive feedback proving that the effects are easy to apply and visually attractive. The author is quick in answering the questions, so if you have any doubt, go ahead!

Some of the comments 


The title says it all. Great-looking, easy-to-use effects, with lots of ways to customize and control them, including via script if you dig into things a bit. Completely changes the look of plain objects and scenes. Looking forward to exploring all the effects and the Realistic Effects pack which I also bought. I had a couple questions for the developer and he got back to me quickly, even writing a script to help me do what I wanted. Amazing!


Using on 2017.4 Works perfectly well and useful whether you’re just prototyping or wanting an asset for production. Easy and fun to use. Also, the developer was quick to respond to a question I had.


I’ve been loving this asset, and using it probably a bit too much honestly… This asset makes short work of some really awesome effects, and is a perfect launching point requiring little customization for almost any kind of effect I’ve wanted so far. And then I see a new update drop. Some of the changes make the few effects that I wasn’t huge on much better, and it looks like there’s a few more for me to play around with. Definitely happy with my purchase.


The effects are extremely varied and look great. Kripto helped me solve some minor issues I ran into very quickly. Great developer and price. 


Realistic Effects Pack 4

Another great-looking package from Kripto289. This guy knows how to create awesome VFX! This time the pack consists of 27 effects with sound FX that include fire dragons, balls and tornado, rocks, ice, ground crack, electric discharge and more. The commentary section is again full of pleasant and enthusiastic words.

Some of the comments 

I bought this several months back for full price and never regretted it one bit. Amazing effects, easy to use, animations to go with them. Well worth the full price, if you are even browsing at this because of the sell you better buy it, you will kick yourself later if you do not! If you find something that doesn’t quite seem right, you should try to contact Kripto, he is one of the top particle effect devs for the Unity Asset Store, I am sure he would like to know, and help fix it/push an update.

This package delivers every bit of quality you see in the demo videos and more. The effects are performant and absolutely beautiful up close or far away – closer to the kind of quality provided by pre-rendered effects in Trapcode Particular or Houdini than what most would consider Unity capable of. And the demo scene is in and of itself a great example of how to organize, script, and provide content in Unity.

There are times that you purchase something and you don’t get everything you saw or paid for – this is NOT one of those times! Five stars for Kripto and I’d love to see this pack expanded even further, maybe into a Cinematic Effects Pack or the like, with some of the same concepts at an even higher level of realtime fidelity.

this is what you want if you looking for AAA effects. this is the type of stuff you see on Unreal 4. this gives me much more hope for unity.


Magic Missiles and Lasers

SineVFX published several high-grade VFX assets all of which were very appreciated by Unity users and received 5 stars at the store. Flexible explosions, particles, embers, plasma, and lasers will allow you to make your own unique effects. As a bonus, the pack provides prefabs, sound FX, textures, and noises, several models, shaders.

Some of the comments


This is an excellent package. While I can confirm there are a few broken (fire) prefabs if you use Unity 2018, I’m sure the developer will take care of these as soon as possible. A few materials are not connecting to their textures is all. Anyways, the colors and effects are incredible when going through the various examples. You can use everything separately or together if needed. The beams have a different feel to each one and the initial blasts are great if using them as explosions. 

Such a great Asset with near-cinematic quality fits perfectly in my game! Coloring with gradient textures was new for me, but it’s not a problem to create such images in any graphics software


I bought this mostly because I liked the weapon enchant, but after playing around with it, I was quite impressed. Beautifully done, looks and runs great.


Ultimate VFX

Mirza Beig published an incredible Ultimate VFX Construction Kit that will help you create realistic fire, smoke, lightning, storms, shockwaves, and more in both 2D and 3D scenes. The pack has a great number of prefabs, textures, exclusive interactive demos and shaders, and if you need any help – the official Unity forum support thread and various tutorials by Mirza are at your disposal. Check the full list of pack components at the store.

Some of the comments

You get overloaded with so many FX there is pretty much some kind of FX for every occasion. Been using this for years and never needed another pack. Wish we could use these with the UI without needing 3rd party asset but that’s more of a vanity request as this pack has so freaking many particle FX its crazy. On top of all the visual fx there are scripts also to help make your life easier and usability of this pack. Fantastic!!! Worth every dollar spent!


Mirza really does his best to fulfill every wish, and he explains difficult situations and gives hint and tipps. It’s REALLY good that he updates his FX library regularly. Thank you!


I’m really impressed by the high amount of effort and detail on every single particle asset. The demos teach you how to set up them and is a practical guide on how to mix them. One of the most important things though is the shader department, because you can then create your own particles and use the shaders provided with Ultimate VFX. And last but not least, the amazing tools to convolute your particles with a vortex effect, magnet, etc. It’s just worth the price!! Also the support is incredible, in its forum your questions will be answered really fast, even with new tutorials just because you asked!

Realistic Explosions Pack

Kripto289 keeps producing awesome VFX packs, and this one is no difference. With 13 prefabs of 2D billboarded explosions and 13 prefabs of 2.5D explosions, you will be able to reproduce neat realistic fire blow-ups and blasts. VFX pack supports PC, Mobile and VR, works with 2D and 3D and has a script for easy change scale in one click. Enjoy!

Some of the comments

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VFX Explosion Texture Pack

Another nice-looking explosion pack from Game & Asset Developer Rob Lloyd.  The package has 36 animated explosion textures and 13 smoke textures with all sheets in 4k resolution and with 64 frames of animation. All of the texture sheets are set up and ready to use. If you work in Unity 5.6 or above, this one is for you! The package has not been reviewed yet, so make sure to share your feedback after you try it out.  

Epic Toon FX

Next three VFX packs Epic Toon FXPolygon Arsenal and Pixel Arsenal are created by Kenneth “Archanor” Foldal Moe, an independent asset developer and INN University graduate (Virtual Art and Design). Kenneth published over 20 stylized FX packages for such themes as sci-fi, action RPG, retro arcade, hyperspace, magic and much more, – and every piece was warmly welcomed by the community. 

Epic Toon FX includes over 600 cartoony particle effects with different styles and variations. All the effects are divided into three parts:

  • Combat (blook, explosions, missiles, sword, magic, Nova, flamethrower and more)
  • Environment (dust, fire, fireworks, fog, lightning, smoke, stars, underwater, weather and more)
  • Interactive (emojis, feathers, healing, hearts, loot, portals, powerups and more)

In total, the pack has more than 200 unique FX, 621 prefabs, around 120 textures, bonus sound FX and interactive demo project.

Some of the comments


This is an amazing asset. The amount of time put in by the creator is apparent. Just take a look at the provided demos to see what you are getting. The best part of this asset is how easily customizable it is. I was able to take the effects I needed and set their color, size, speed etc to match my project. I can’t say enough how great this is and how easy it is to add to your project.


The FX are top notch and the support is amazing! Months after my initial purchase, this pack is still receiving fixes to existing fx and entire new fx with great variation! I recommend this to everyone looking for a great versatile toolbox to get your toon fx up and running quickly. The polish and care applied by the developer really shine through here!


Literally just bought this a few minutes ago and I love it. Many many many FX AND they all use Unity’s particle system! Also their WebGL demo makes looking for a particular effect easy rather than going through everyone and placing it in the scene and testing it out to see if it’s a good fit for the intended purpose.


Polygon Arsenal

Polygon Arsenal is a pack of around 500 particle effects for your stylized environments. There are over 100 unique FX, 535 prefabs, additional models, sound FX, materials, and shaders plus interactive demo and scripts. As always, only positive reviews.

Here are the examples from different categories:

  • Combat (aura, beam, dash, charge, ground spike, Nova, shield and more)
  • Environment (bubble, dust, fire, liquid, smoke, tornado and more)
  • Interactive (black hole, checkpoint, loot, portal, powerup, spawn and more)
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Pixel Arsenal

Pixel Arsenal is a bundle of 419 retro game FX that will add some old-school charm to your games. Among the effects there are explosion, beam, powerup, sparkle, projectile, regenerate, portal, slash, muzzleflash and much more. The pack also includes modular, low res and pre-colored texture atlases and interactive demos. 

Some of the comments

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This is it for today. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed this set of Unity VFX assets and found the effects you’ve been looking for. We’ll come back with a new collection next week, so stay tuned!

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