Creation of The Zero Gravity Capsule
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by Atakan Gürkan
8 hours ago

How can you make planets? Is it hard

by lesa cote
22 hours ago

This is a great post on star wars. Our cheap assignment experts are really impressed.

Thanks for sharing, the lighting on the wheels and coins is beautiful, very painterly.

Creation of The Zero Gravity Capsule
27 March, 2017
3d artist Matthieu Chollet showed his newest 3d space environment.
Hello, my name is Matthieu Chollet and I’m an Environment artist. I’m looking for work in Montreal and I’m proud to show you my latest project: The Zero Gravity Capsule

To keep learning I decided to try something I never done before: sci-fi style.

I started to gather reference from Alien and Wolfenstien New order since I like the retro and industrial sci-fi look. But also from old submarine and space station as real world reference.

I really tried to keep everything modular and work with panels for my capsule. And it was very effective since I changed the whole layout 3 times without any hassle.

I textured everything in Substance Painter. I started by creating base smart materials since I knew my props would use the same types of plastics, metal , etc…

Substance Painter also helped me to add some normals details I didn’t want to model.

I also paid careful attention to lighting condition: Skylight , Correct albedo values and IES profiles helped me to achieve a more believable look.

For the beauty shots I used the lighting channels and fog sheets to get the most out of my composition

Hope you guys like it!

Matthieu Chollet, Environment Artist

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