Environment Creation for VR Using Photogrammetry
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by Filip van Halter
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Ace bru!

Environment Creation for VR Using Photogrammetry
2 April, 2018

Are looking for courses on environment creation for VR? Need some tips and tricks on photogrammetry? Have a look at a step-by-step guide to dealing with these aspects from Guilherme Rambelli and Gnomon. You will learn all the steps in Unity, ZBrush, xNormal, Reality Capture and other tools, and acquire necessary skills to build AAA environments.  

In this Workshop, Guilherme Rambelli shows, step-by-step, his workflow to process and set-up an environment captured using Photogrammetry for VR in Unity Engine. First Guilherme shows how to pre-process images using DNG Converter and create a color profile using ColorChecker Passport. Once that is done, the images are taken to Adobe Lightroom for treatment and rendered out for Photogrammetry. Using Reality Capture, the images are processed to generate a high-resolution asset that will work as a source to create the low poly version of the environment used in Unity 3D Engine. After that, a cleanup pass of the data and retopology is handled within ZBrush and Maya, with the textures then baked in Xnormal. Finally, a project in Unity is set up, where the virtual reality viewer will be able to navigate and explore the photogrammetry environment captured and processed throughout this tutorial. The entire execution focuses on a high-quality scene that is developed within a realistic production schedule.


You can find more details on the 170-minute course and join the party here


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A questionable way in terms of optimization.
Not sure what is applicable for VR

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