Friday List: Shaders & Tools for Unity

Friday List: Shaders & Tools for Unity

A new Friday list of Unity Store assets for your 3D scenes and games: double-sided shaders, post-processing effects, and systems for water and fur.

A new Friday list of Unity Store assets for your 3D scenes and games: double-sided shaders, post-processing effects, and systems for water and fur.

Calm Water

For anyone who wants to create good-looking water bodies, this asset will be a great help. Calm water is an easy, fast and powerful water shader with customization options that allow achieving a great result. With this system you can:

  • Control the depth color and shallow color individually and select the depth level. 
  • Apply distortion effect based on the animated normal map with two quality settings to better fit your needs. 
  • Apply distorted reflections with 3 modes (CubeMap, RealTime, Mixed).
  • Apply customizable dynamic foam
  • Apply displacement animation based on Gerstner wave. 
  • Use custom inspector for a better user experience. 

Low Poly Water GPU

Another valuable tool for creating water – this time in a nice low poly art style. For optimal performance. the wave calculations run in the vertex shader on the GPU (note, not CPU). Apart from this, the asset offers customizable waves & lighting, shore blending (foam), planar reflection (not in VR), light absorption, shadow receiving, and custom water mesh.

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The pack includes:

  • Low Poly Water script
  • Low Poly Water shader (Lite & Advanced)
  • Noise & fresnel lens textures
  • Source code
  • Documentation


Beautify is a post-processing package that will help you to improve the image quality in real time and get a stunning output. The asset is highly appreciated by the customers who found it to be a game changer in terms of visual aspect refinement. Beautify will allow you to:

  • Enhance visual features, restore or augment image detail, producing sharp images.
  • Improve pixel color when needed without oversaturating the image. 
  • Remove the extra blur caused by many antialias post effects. 
  • Reduce or completely remove banding artifacts in gradients, usually seen in skyboxes due to color quantization. 
  • Improve perceptual texture quality.

Besides, a few extra effects are included among which there are sun lens flares, bloom, eye adaptation, pixelate, blur, vignetting and more.

The asset works with forward and deferred rendering paths as well as linear and gamma color spaces and is suitable for WebGL, mobile, VR (Multi-Pass, Single Pass Stereo, and Single Pass Instanced supported), 2D and 3D.

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By the way, one of the artists featured on our website, Maarten Hof, used Beautify in his pipeline and mentioned it in the article. Above are the final images of the scene. You can read the full article here.

Double-Sided Deferred Support PBR and IBL Shader Set

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A cheap set of double-sided shaders with various optimization options that support deferred rendering path. It is said to especially be useful for the visualization of vegetation. In the pack you will find:

  • 6 physically-based lighting shaders (Metallic and Specular)
  • 7 image-based lighting shaders (Lightmap Support and World Space)
  • 3 wind shaders (IBL, Metallic, Specular)
  • demo-scene and instructions

There are no reviews yet, but you can be the first!

PIDI – XFur Studio

If you are looking for a Unity tool that will help you to create fur, XFur studio is for you. With this asset, you’ll be able to add realistic fur to any 3D model in an easy and fast way. The system includes several useful features such as fully managed LOD module, advanced fur shaders, support for wind, snow and rain effects, lighting, shadows and more. It is fully documented and has tutorials and detailed explanations to help you to figure every feature out.

Note that XFur is not compatible with any SRP features.


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    Please note that Low Poly Water GPU doesn't work with Unity's new Lightweight pipeline.



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