Fur Generator for Substance Painter
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by Olivia
7 hours ago

Awesome! I had been working on a similar project couldn't figure out the snow on the trees for the life of me! It's great to see how you approached it. The work look great! Thanks for sharing your process.

by prince3934@gmail.com
17 hours ago

That's awesome.

by sanek94cool
1 days ago

I believe author would be surprised that it's not american, but soviet bunker :)

Fur Generator for Substance Painter
21 March, 2018

Take a look at a fur generator for Substance Painter by Romain Lemaire. The pack lets users generate fur textures for 3D animals and other kinds of projects. 

Attention: No real hair or hair cards created.

The fur direction is controlled by a vector map (which needs to be provided or painted). The material creates a complete texture set. Fur color can be controlled by a simple color or texture.

Fur can be masked out.

 Romain Lemaire 

You can tweak: 

  • Color with a color map 
  • Flow with a flow map 
  • Mask 
  • Hair Size 
  • Color Variation 
  • Rotation variation 
  • Hair Amount 
  • Roughness parameters 
  • Occlusion parameters

You can find more details on the pack here.

Get the pack

Source: ArtStation

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3 Comments on "Fur Generator for Substance Painter"


Yeah I know normally a friendly artist is planning to make one about it


Hey @Romain , it will be interesting if you could post the fur in action on an animal model .


Thanks for the link !