Geology Techniques for Substance Designer
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Amazing work!

Great great stuff, thanks alot for this, cleared up a lot for me.

by petr luchko
10 hours ago

awesome work!such works inspire

Geology Techniques for Substance Designer
23 February, 2018

Check out a pack of geology techniques for Substance Designer with core nodes and dependencies.  The set by Tom Jacobs includes some geology effects, such as a stepped layering effect (also known as ‘Strata)’ and dense stone fields. It can also be used to recreate scree effect and sand accumulation.  

The ZIP files contains a full Substance Designer graph and custom nodes to create the effects similar to the examples. The examples are also included. The pack is intended to start working on top of the examples, alter those or just learn from it. 

Zip file also contains all textures rendered (base, normals, roughness, height and AO). I kept the output simple as this pack was supposed to be a starting guide. 

Tom Jacobs 

You can learn more about the pack here

Buy the pack for $15

Source: Gumroad

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