Houdini 17.5 Revealed

Houdini 17.5 Revealed

SideFX has finally revealed Houdini 17.5.

SideFX has finally revealed Houdini 17.5. Let’s start by learning derails from SideFX’s Cristin Barghiel, VP R&D, Scott Keating, Senior Product Designer, Ken Xu, Senior Software Architect – with special guest Bill Polson, Global Head of Pipeline and Workflow, MPC Film.

“Whether you are a feature film VFX artist, a game developer or a commercial studio, Houdini 17.5 brings you new and enhanced tools to meet your most demanding production requirements.”

Houdini 17.5 brings a number of key features and introduces PDG (Procedural Dependency Graph). “This new technology is available in the upcoming release of Houdini 17.5 as a new Houdini operating context called TOPs (Task Operators) and as a standalone application called PilotPDG”.

PDG is meant to:

  • Describe complex dependencies visually with nodes
  • Transform that dependency description into a set of actionable, schedulable tasks
  • Distribute those tasks with the help of a scheduler and compute them in parallel

You can learn more about the newest version here.

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