Lifetime XMD Brush Membership
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by Krzysztof Czerwinski
16 hours ago

I bought it, it's really nice and intuitive:) Now i'm waiting for next build with new features:)

I love it!

by Joel Alexandre
2 days ago

Hi. Can you tell how the glass material was made? I found it very interesting.Congratz

Lifetime XMD Brush Membership
11 April, 2017
XMD is a masterpiece by 3D Environment & VFX Artist Michael Dunnam. He has been using ZBrush since 2005, experimenting with creating custom brushes for 5 years. Basically, it is an enormous pack of Zbrush, Substance and 3D Coat brushes. 

The XMD brand came about simply because looking through other artist’s brush creations in ZBrush, there were no X named brushes. Since ZBrush uses the first letter of the brush name as a hotkey, X seemed like a logical choice. And who doesn’t love a good X? Behold! XMD was at that moment, born!

Michael Dunnam 

The toolkit has been in development for 6 months and is now in beta stage, getting ready for the official release. 

Roadmap of upcoming features:
  • Choose color schemes for the plugin.
  • Minimal mode
  • Invisible Mode (shrink down to a tiny icon)
  • Laboratory (secret)
  • UI Layout organizer
  • Matcap support
  • Tag non-alpha images (so they don’t show up in the list, but you don’t have to remove them from the folders)
  • And a super secret feature that is going to revolutionize ZBrush!

Let’s talk business. Michael has introduced Lifetime XMD Brush Membership, which will give you everything he makes on Gumroad. It is a one time cost of $48, and you get everything he puts on Gumroad free, for life. 
Here are some of the perks of the membership:
  • Access to private Facebook group. Here you can get involved heavily in XMD. You can request brush sets, give feedback, be a part of betas, occasionally test brushes before they are released, & hang out with other awesome artists.
  • Entry into custom brush raffles.
  • Over 950 ZBrush brushes available for immediate download.
  • Monthly brushes added.
  • Subscription only brushes. These are only available to members. They will never be released to the general public.
  • A decent amount of Substance Painter Brushes and 3D Coat Penpacks.
  • My brush creation tutorial.
  • Several PDF quickguides.
  • The XMD ToolBox Plugin for ZBrush.

Here comes the most amazing part. Michael has provided a $18 off coupon for our readers for the LifeTime Membership. Just follow the link below.

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