Over 70 Sessions from Unite Europe 2017
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7, Mar — 1, Jun
York US   26, Mar — 29, Mar
Boston US   28, Mar — 1, Apr
Anaheim US   29, Mar — 1, Apr
RALEIGH US   30, Mar — 1, Apr
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This was so helpful for me. I'm hoping to adapt your tutorial to pull off something similar comparing modern satellite imagery with historical maps. No topo, so my steps should be simpler, but I'm a novice with Blender and you've really helped. Thanks!

Even Top Notch Artists will be replaced by AI. You have no idea what you are talking about. If you do, only very superficial. At the end you are only an employee. You dont have any contact or experience to the High End Echelons we worked on. In 20 years, 40% of workforce working today will be out of jobs. First we will get worldwide financial crash, then AI takes over. Admin will remember my words in not distance future.

by z35
1 days ago

awesome :O

Over 70 Sessions from Unite Europe 2017
18 July, 2017

Are you looking for a great source that can help you master different aspects of Unity? Unity Technologies has made available over 70 recordings of presentations from the Unite Europe 2017 conference and you don’t want to miss that playlist. 

The playlist covers a wide range of topics: Cinemachine, optimization, particle system, performance and more. Unity is one of the most popular game engines available, so learning its system is a great way to dive into the world of game development. 

You can find all the videos here

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