Pattern Design in Substance Designer 6
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Amazing stuff! I really enjoyed reading it!

by Delip Huges
1 days ago

There are AwesomeBump that is written in QT and do not require .NET Framework and has code open.

by Sergey
2 days ago

Интересно, не понятно зачем, но круто. Я бы хотел поучаствовать в проекте

Pattern Design in Substance Designer 6
7 April, 2017
Amit Kolay has shared a video breakdown of designing a pattern inside Allegrotihmic’s Substance Designer 6.

Here are the basic steps you will follow:

  1. pattern design
  2. creating a custom Ambient Occlusion output
  3. creating base color
  4. creating roughness
  5. creating normal
  6. creating and exposing parameters
  7. optimisation techniques
  8. testing the parameters in a new graph
  9. exporting the .sbsar file
  10. finally checking the .sbsar file in Painter
Source: YouTube

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