Pirate Island Material in Substance Designer
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awesome :O

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Pirate Island Material in Substance Designer
14 January, 2019

Have a look at an amazing project by Emrecan Cubukcu that once again showcases the possibilities of Substance Designer.

“Pirate Island Material is almost a terrain editor. You can wrap parameters for topology (noise, erosion, terraces etc ), change sea level, depth, opacity of the water and foam intensity. Also, it allows you to add rocks ( you can play with sizes and the number of rocks), shorelines (change the shore distance if you like), forest (it adjustable by foliage layer slope which puts a lot of reality to the material).”

More shots from the editor:

And here are some final shots with different themes set up in Unity:

Looks incredible, right? The artist is going to share a tutorial, so stay tuned. Discuss the project in the comments below.

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Source: ArtStation

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Wow, amazing job, really inspiring !


That’s insane! Can’t wait to see the tutorial.