ProBuilder: Advanced Level Design in Unity

The Unity team has announced a new addition to their creative tools suite.

The Unity team has announced a new addition to their creative tools suite: ProBuilder. What is more, Gabriel Williams & Karl Henrhekel joined the team behind engine. The tool lets users easily design, prototype and play test levels right in Unity. Also, Polybrush (currently in beta) will help you sculpt complex shapes, blend textures across meshes, and more.

Starting today the tools are becoming part of Unity feature roadmap. They are now available to all Unity subscription plans, at no additional cost. 

Overview of ProBuilder and Polybrush

ProBuilder is a unique hybrid of 3D modeling and level design tools, optimized for building simple geometry but capable of detailed editing and UV unwrapping as needed.

ProBuilder lets you quickly prototype structures, complex terrain features, vehicles and weapons, or to make custom collision geometry, trigger zones, or nav meshes.

Here are a few key features:

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Probuilder has been used by many games made with Unity, checkout the highlight reel video:

Here’s a more extensive but quick overview of ProBuilder features:

See the documentation for more information, starting here with Installing and Upgrading.

Also check the ProBuilder tutorial series:

Polybrush enables you to blend textures and colors, sculpt meshes directly in the Unity editor.

Polybrush is in beta, and just got a new feature in its latest iteration, it now allows to scatter objects in the world with highly customizable brushes.

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Check the Polybrush Introduction and Tutorial to learn more.

There’s more… ProGrids gives you both a visual and functional grid, which snaps on all 3 axis. ProGrids enables speed and quality, making level construction incredibly fast, easy, and precise. It is especially handy for modular or tile-based environments, but you will find that it significantly speeds up workflow and increases quality for all types of work.

Check the ProGrids Introduction and Tutorial to learn more.

Combine ProBuilder, Polybrush and ProGrid together, you get a complete in-editor level design solution for faster and more precise geometry construction.

You can of course take advantage of Unity’s seamless round tripping with Digital Content Creation tools (like Maya) so you can  further detail and polish your models with your favorite tools.


You can learn more and get details on how to use the tool inside the engine here

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