SpriteStack: Voxel Editor, Animator & Renderer

SpriteStack: Voxel Editor, Animator & Renderer

Rezoner, a solo game developer who released Wanderersand Wilds, also created a pixel art tool that deserves your attention.

SpriteStack is a 3d pixel art editor based on sprite stacking technique. Similar to voxels it’s a cool and easy way to draw low-resolution 3D objects that can be later used in games or submitted to the online gallery.

Below you will find some of the main features of this tool:


The editor is based on a spritestacking technique meaning you can draw your models piece by piece.


Keyframe oriented animation is still being worked on but you can already achieve great results.


The handcrafted exporter is what really makes it stand out. It provides classy retro stylized renders with many customizable options. It can output spritesheets, slices, and *.vox files.

Magica Voxel

If you don’t feel comfortable with the editor you can import your models from Magica Voxel and use my juicy renderer.

Here’s examples of the things you can create with this tool:

The editor itself is free to use online but if you want to have it as a standalone application, you would need to make a purchase. You can also support the developer on Patreon.

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  • Risitas

    Seems very nice ! The big-cube-to-pixelized idea is incredibly clever :)



    ·a year ago·

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