Stylized Art: Useful Assets & Tools For Artists

Take a look at these 3 useful packs with stylized assets and textures. Plus, a bonus course for aspiring artists.

1. Archaeology Asset Pack | Lowpoly

The first pack of this digest will help you to create a stylized scene related to archaeology. If you are looking to recreate a scene from Indiana Jones or The Mummy movies this pack is exactly what you need.


  • 64 lowpoly assets
  • 2 dynamic particle systems
  • 1 texture atlas for all assets (with space for further addition)
  • A demo scene populated with all provided assets (Unity 2019.3.0b2)
  • Read Me PDF

2. Stylized Mega Pack UE4 and Unity packages

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The second pack will help you fill up your stylized worlds with life. With 4 biomes and a variety of animals, boats, vehicles, and buildings to choose from, you will be able to make any scene look more alive. Do keep in mind that the UE4 set is currently a bit bigger as it includes demo scenes and grass shader, however, both packs are constantly updated.

Unity package's features:

  • 90 high-quality models
  • Textures res 512 to 2048
  • Polycount 36 to 2600 polys

UE4 package's features:

  • 92 high-quality models
  • 4 demo scenes
  • 1 particle system (fire)
  • Grass shader with vertex animation
  • 160 textures
  • Texture res 256 to 2048
  • Roughness and AO maps for customization
  • And more.

3. Stylized / Low Poly Asian City

The next package is perfect if you are looking to create a scene with Indian or Arabic vibes. The pack is created by Raphael Dabu and is inspired by Overwatch Artstyle.


  • 88 meshes (props, buildings, vehicles, and more)
  • 29 prefabs
  • Landscape
  • 92 materials and material instances, tileable materials, and a toon shader material
  • 116 textures (1024, 2048, 2096)
  • Vertex count 12 to 8719

4. Stylized Character Design in ZBrush

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As a bonus, we added a fantastic course for beginning artists on making stylized characters in ZBrush, Substance Painter, and Marmoset Toolbag. With more than 14 hours of videos, you will learn how to work with the three building blocks of any character, make believable faces, clothes, hair, armor, and accessories.

With this course you will learn:

  • Stylized Character's Anatomy
  • Character Sculpting Fundamentals
  • How to Model Clothes in ZBrush
  • Hard Surface Elements
  • How to Work with Details and Posing
  • And more.

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