The Entire Titanic Recreated in UE4
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I have always wanted a Barret Tiff precull. There is a lot stories left to tell before they all meet. They greyscale image would look great as a figure as well.

I can't get this to work! *cries* I tried on my windows computer, my chrome book and I cant get it on my ipad. what do I do?? how do I get it? I downloaded it to my chrome book, and my windows but all it did was leave a file that was empty.

All I saw was preset assets that also were placed at a 0% messy location. then its just deviatios from starting location and variations in material. all those word commands just result in different values for the 2 above parameters.

The Entire Titanic Recreated in UE4
5 November, 2018

Have you heard about Titanic: Honor and Glory? It is a PC game set aboard a fully detailed and accurate recreation of the RMS Titanic using UE4.

As of this moment, you can explore about 6% of the floor space of Titanic, but the final product will give you the ability to explore the entire ship: every corridor, cabin, and passage with people walking the ship back in 1912. You will be able to experience the voyage and skinking with a fully interactive storyline, characters, and props. 

Courtesy of Vintage Digital Revival LLC and Four Funnels Entertainment Co.

The project is being created by Four Funnels Entertainment Co, a subsidiary of Vintage Digital Revival LLC. “Titanic: Honor and Glory aims to extensively re-create the Titanic, from the grandest public rooms to the humblest crew areas, from the tips of the masts to the keel. The exterior and most of the interior will be fully-explorable with stunning graphics and a rich and fluid 3D environment. You’ll get to explore, in great detail, all the most famous areas of the ship, as well as many lesser-known areas, hidden crew spaces, and the deepest, darkest parts of the ship,” states the team.

Courtesy of Vintage Digital Revival LLC and Four Funnels Entertainment Co.

The artists here want to allow the player to experience the history of Titanic like never before, including a slice of 1912 Southampton. Do you know the best thing? You can dive into exploring the project right now by following this link and downloading the demo

Check out this video by Bluedrake42 to get a glimpse at this greatness: 

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