Trim Mask Generator for Substance Designer
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Trim Mask Generator for Substance Designer
31 January, 2019

Check out a generator for Substance Designer by Dennis Porter that facilitates quicker mask creation for trim sheets and other rectangular forms.


  • Driven by Pixel Processors to maximize graph speed: ~7ms at 2K
  • Fractional system automatically determines X/Y offset values for you, no need to use a calculator for precise offsets
  • Unclamped parameter ranges allow masks to be as small as you need
  • Individual control for height & width, vertical & horizontal position
  • Mask interstice control, based on pixel size — uniform or custom X/Y controls
  • Reference grid with division and thickness control
  • Solid white mask output
  • Luminance variation output by mask or by fraction
  • X/Y gradient output
  • Very Cheap Flood Fill output (~2ms vs 25+ms Flood Fill node)
  • Custom inputs are automatically masked
  • Sub-fractional X/Y offset for pattern input (to align within the mask)
  • Non-square support

Extra functions if you have access to the SBSAR.

  • isBetween – returns 0 or 1 for whether an input value is between two other values
  • reciprocal_float1 – returns 1 divided by an input (for converting large numbers to their unit size in 0-1 decimal space)
  • reciprocal_float2 – same as before except for a float2
  • frac_float2 – it’s frac except it works with float2 inputs
  • half_float1 – reduces input value by half

Included Files

  • Non-commercial license – SBSAR only
  • Commercial licenses – SBS and SBSAR

You can learn more here.

Get the tool

Landscape Auto Material by VEA Games is a flexible auto-painting material for Unreal Engine 4 Landscape component. When you are drawing the topology of your landscape, proper material layers are drawn automatically!

Check the full feature list

Contact VEA Games


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