Unity Deals: Stylized Environment Packs and Tools

Check out 5 Unity packs that include ready-to-use 3D assets, shaders, and textures for the stylized scene production.

The Illustrated Nature

Check out a cool stylized pack from Dragos Matkovski with a handful of tools for scene customization.

Key features:

  • 2 Demo Scenes - one large environment to explore and a second smaller pine tree forest.
  • Color Palettes - 4 included color palettes, plus wintertime.
  • Colored Fog - custom fog image effect that lets you control the colors of the fog and stylize it to your needs.
  • Clouds - cloud solution based on the particle system, with infinite variations.
  • Custom Shaders - animated vegetation, snow layer for the winter season, terrain colors that can be controlled through the material.
  • Animated Vegetation - subtle movement and rotation of the leaves makes the animations look fluid and natural.
  • Colored Water - custom water shader, simple to stylize to your needs.
  • Color Manager (Script) - a comprehensive tool to manage the colors on your materials from one place. You are able to create as many color palettes as you need and easily switch between them.

Don't forget to check out Dragos's discussion of the creation of The Illustrated Nature.

Fantasy Adventure Environment

Grab a pack with stylized environments inspired by 3D adventure games. 


  • Custom shaders for trees and vegetation, to enable stylized rendering and animations
  • Beautiful wind animations on trees and vegetation
  • Foliage bends away from the player
  • Grass color blends with terrain (tiled terrain and mesh terrain support, not available in URP)
  • LOD's and collision meshes for all assets that need them
  • Tree billboard LODs, for optimal performance in open landscapes
  • Tailored example environment scene

FANTASTIC - Nature Pack

Get high-quality stylized assets from Tidal Flask Studios. 

What’s inside:

  • 12 unique trees which can be customized with 4 different tree trunk textures, 15 stones, 44 plants with vertex maps for wind movement, 22 Camping Set assets (pot, campfire & poles, wooden spoon/bowl/cup, fishing rod, fish & fish slice, metal plate, 3x decoration leaves, glass bottle, bread, cheese, knife, pan & lid, sleeping bag, tent, woodpile & woodlog)
  • Trees and stones each have 3 LODs and collision meshes
  • Each asset has a custom lightmap in its second UV channel
  • Adjustable colors for grass and plant shaders
  • Handpainted skyboxes for day and night, each in 8K
  • 12 tileable textures which are all 2K
  • 3 atlases for plants (512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048), 2 atlases for the Camping Set (256x256, 1024x1024)
  • 5 additional textures for FX and other decorations
  • Customizable shader for water, grass, and tree leaves wind movement and color
  • Stylized particle effect for fire, steam, flying leaves, and fireflies

Toon Nature Assets

The package contains:

Create a nice mood for your world with too nature assets.

  • A wide variety of pine trees and forest trees, ground plants, flowers, mushrooms and water plants.
  • A large collection of rocks, ranging from small stones and pebbles to large cliffs.
  • Buildings, sheds, tents, and related props.
  • Modular bridge, road system, and road-related props.
  • Vehicles and camp trailers.
  • Food items and food-related props.
  • Boats and custom water shader.
  • Mountains and hills to use in combination with Unity terrain, for more diversity.
  • Procedural skybox and geometric clouds.

Toon City

Craft a whole toon city with a collection from SICS games. 

What’s inside:

  • (x4) Lighting presets and post-processing profiles, covering different times of the day.
  • (x128) Buildings and billboards
  • (x31) Vehicles and helicopters
  • (x164) Props and items
  • (x167) Roads and road-related props
  • (x61) Trees and vegetation props
  • Particle systems and animations

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