Unity Digest: Stylized Cartoony Packs for Games

Unity Digest: Stylized Cartoony Packs for Games

See 5 packs that can help you with the production of a stylized cartoony game. Go grab the ones you like with a discount that lasts until February, 29. 

This cute tiny dragon goes with 23 animations, 33 prefab, texture color 2048x2048, and emotions 512x512. In the past, we have also featured Suriyun’s pack with the zoo, go check it here! And don’t forget to check the website with other cool products from Suriyun.

This pack contains 146 unique assets that will help you create your own adventure in the wildlands! Diversify your environment with a variety of carefully hand-painted natural assets and props. All the assets are customizable in terms of colors and wind movement.

Here are some features:

  • 97 unique props
  • 6 pine tree variations
  • 9 birch tree variations
  • 8 stones and 2 stone cliffs
  • 23 plants
  • Trees and stones have 3 LODs
  • All environment assets have a custom lightmap in the second UV channel
  • Multiple prop parts can be opened, moved, rotated, extended, etc.


The assets are compatible with Unity Terrain.

54 different models of food items in cartoon style from Baria CG.

Some pack details:

  • Albedo, Normal and Roughness textures
  • 1024x1024 PNG textures
  • AR / VR / Mobile ready
  • The models are between 60 and 514 Polygons.
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Stylized mining pack with rocks, ores, deposits, veins, crystals, gemstones, pickaxes, and sledgehammers.

This pack includes:

  • 50 different models of rocks, deposits, ore, crystals, and tools
  • 45 different texture atlases that allow you to customize the color of stone, tool handles, metal, and gems.
  • Also flat, gem, and metallic material prefabs.
  • Atlased Textures

The package contains a hand-painted 3D character with animations for game creation that will help you simplify and speed up the production. 

The animation is suitable for all genres but works best for top-down action games. 

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