Unreal Engine 4.21 Preview Available
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Helsinki FI   17, Oct — 25, Oct
London GB   22, Oct — 23, Oct
Singapore SG   23, Oct — 25, Oct
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San Jose US   25, Oct — 26, Oct
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by Nils Arenz
8 hours ago

@Tristan: I studied computergrafics for 5 years. I'm making 3D art now since about half a year fulltime, but I had some experience before that. Its hard to focus on one thing, it took me half a year to understand most of the vegetation creation pipelines. For speeding up your workflow maybe spend a bit time with the megascans library. Making 3D vegetation starts from going outside for photoscanns to profiling your assets. Start with one thing and master this. @Maxime: The difference between my technique and Z-passing on distant objects is quiet the same. (- the higher vertex count) I would start using this at about 10-15m+. In this inner radius you are using (mostly high) cascaded shadows, the less the shader complexety in this areas, the less the shader instructions. When I started this project, the polycount was a bit to high. Now I found the best balance between a "lowpoly" mesh and the less possible overdraw. The conclusion of this technique is easily using a slightly higher vertex count on the mesh for reducing the quad overdraw and shader complexity. In matters visual quality a "high poly" plant will allways look better than a blade of grass on a plane.

by Anthony Thomas Gaines
11 hours ago

Is this not like gear VR or anything else

by Starkemis
12 hours ago

Thank you!

Unreal Engine 4.21 Preview Available
11 October, 2018

Epic Games has recently released the first preview of the upcoming Unreal 4.21 release. Let’s check out the list of updates and changes to see what’s new. 

Animation Updates:

  • Animation Compression Updates. AnimCompression now uses a whitelist of optimal codecs to avoid trying permutations that are unlikely to be selected. 
  • Animation Notify Improvements. Native Notifies have been added in Engine for dynamics and cloth management.
  • Maintain Original Scale of Root Motion.
  • Added Caching and Autocomplete for “Sync Market Names.
  • Animation Sequence Framerate. Added animation sequence framerate to the Editor Viewport and Content Browser tooltip.
  • Enable Auto Blend Out on Anim Montages. Anim Montages now have the option to enable or disable Auto Blend Out. This option is enabled by default.
  • Live Animation Blueprint Recompilation is now non-experimental.
  • CCDIK Skeletal Control Node. CCDIK Skeletal Control Node is now available within the AnimGraph of Animation Blueprints.
  • Default Coordinate Space for Animation Editors is now Local Space
  • Min LOD Notification.
  • Skeletal Mesh: Set Master Pose Component Force Update

Audio Updates:

  • Submix Envelope Follower (New Unreal Audio Engine Only). Users can now set an Envelope Follower Delegate on their Submixes allowing amplitude analysis of individual channels for that submix.
  • New Sound Submix Effect: Filter. Users now have the option of adding a multimode filter to their Submixes allowing dynamic filter effects on a single Submix.
  • Sound Submix Effect Reverb Dry Level. The Submix Effect Reverb now supports Parallel Wet and Dry Levels allowing users to dial in specific Wet/Dry ratios making the Effect usable as an Insert-Style Effect as well as a Send-Style Effect.
  • Optimizations to Source Effect API. The Source Effect API has been optimized to process a full buffer of audio rather than frame-by-frame.

Core Updates:

  • Cooker Performance. They have improved performance of the Unreal asset cooking process. The team has optimized various low-level code to eliminate unnecessary operations and refactored the handling of unsolicited assets in the CookOnTheFlyServer class so that it scales better.

Desktop Updates:

  • Linux Platform Get Media Player. From 4.21 on, you can use bundled WebMMedia plugin to play back .webm VPX8/9 videos.
  • Linux Crash Report Client Has a GUI. They’ve added support for the Crash Reporter GUI to now pop up when a crash occurs! This enables you to help make Linux better by quickly and easily reporting crashes that you encounter.

You can find the full list of updates here

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